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Google Tools Worth Leveraging for Better Business Promotion


Far too often, business leaders simply don’t have the type digital know-how that is so valuable today. Whether it’s an unfamiliarity with social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) or any other type of online promotional tool, knowledge gaps are often the cause of missed opportunities. Fortunately for business leaders, there are countless online resources available that can help you to develop a better understanding of basic Google tools, like Google My Business and Google Analytics.

4 Google Tools Every Business Leader Needs to Try

1)      Google My Business

This is one of the most popular free Google tools available for business right now. Google My Business is a user-friendly application that helps organizations manage their online presence throughout Google’s many online properties, including Search and Maps.

Today, many businesses use this free tool to place relevant business information, like address, phone number and hours of operation, on search engine results pages, exactly where most people are looking for this type of information.

2)      Google Ads

Google Ads are an easy online advertising platform that displays brief ads directly in search results. This powerful promotion tool places your message in front of those potential customers who are searching for a business just like yours.

When you use this Google tool, you don’t pay for impressions. You pay only when someone clicks through to your website or directly calls your business, which provides great value for ad spending.

4 Google tools to help your business prosper.

3)      Google Analytics

Google’s free digital measurement platform, Analytics, is the best place to start to see how your website, content and marketing campaigns are performing. Google Analytics is an easy to use tool that can provide real-time demographic insights of how your content is resonating on the web.

With metrics on everything from pageviews to the time users spend on a page, it is a very useful resource for reviewing and revising digital marketing campaigns. For example, analytics specific insights can help you develop promotional campaigns that directly appeal to your target audience.

4)      Google Digital Garage

Once you get acquainted with these basic Google tools, you could benefit from expanding your knowledge base even further by using the Google Digital Garage. This website has lots of free resources available on such topics as how websites work, creating a social media plan, building an online strategy and more.

If you dig deep enough, you can find helpful tutorials on Google My Business, Google Ads and Google Analytics. The courses, which were created by industry experts, top entrepreneurs and some of the world’s leading employers, are mostly free for anyone to take.

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