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Encouraging Google Reviews to Climb Local Search Rankings

Google is an incredibly useful resource for companies looking to make a name for themselves with standard digital marketing practices. However, basic search engine result pages aren’t the only place where marketers should be focusing their attention. Google My Business listings provides another valuable way for local businesses to stand out from their competitors. Nevertheless, a listing won’t get you anywhere if there aren’t at least a few Google Reviews included with it, as well.

Getting the most out of Google Reviews

Social Proof

It’s no secret that most online customer reviews, assuming that they’re positive, will have a constructive effect on the majority of businesses. This positive social proof should be able to successfully convince undecided consumers or companies to purchase products or services from a given business.

Additionally, when a company’s Google My Business profile contains at least one customer testimonial (whether it’s positive or negative), their listing is more likely to rank better than those without any Google Reviews.

google reviews


Multiple Google Reviews on your My Businesslisting aren’t just going to pop up automatically. To begin, you’ll need to provide goods, services and support that convinces customers to leave a review in the first place. There are many ways to encourage reviews, but you need to give people a reason to leave one.

When you provide outstanding service to your customers and clients, they will be able to easily craft a constructive review. Unfortunately, many people will not go out of their way to spend their valuable time writing a review for your Google listing, especially if they’ve never left one before.

google reviews

Encouraging Reviews

One great way to encourage reviews is by offering special incentives like a free gift or discount to customers that participate. You can even follow up with clients by sending personal emails thanking them for their business, inquiring about their experience and offering any additional support.

In this email, you can also politely ask your customers to leave a review. Try to include handy links where they can create these reviews. This way, your customers won’t have to expend any additional time or effort going through the steps that precede leaving a review.

Also, when you do happen to get reviews, make sure that you respond to every single one, both positive and negative ones. By reaching out, you add an individual touch to your company’s online presence. Shoppers and consumers will appreciate this personal approach and be more likely to give you business.

google reviews

Your Google My Business listing is incompletely optimized if reviews aren’t included; that’s why your company needs to make absolutely every effort to get customers to leave them. Otherwise, there will be little to no social proof, which is one of the main ways that companies receive new customers.

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