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How to Use Google Products to Boost Your Sites Findability

Advertising on Facebook and Twitter has become pretty standard for businesses (both big and small) but with organic reach disappearing on both platforms marketing professionals are looking for alternatives. A few have emerged but none seem to have garnered the same amount of recent publicity as LinkedIn and Google+. Each has its’ own unique set of features, LinkedIn is great at targeting a very select audience and Google+ has the ability to integrate with a variety of Google products. At Fat Guy, we love LinkedIn, it is great for select circumstances but the amount of flexibility afforded by Google+ makes it a very enticing platform for social media marketing. Listed below are a few ways in which we can use Google products to boost your sites findability.

3 Google Products that Will Help Put Your Business on the Map

Google Business

This is the first step we will take to set up your business online with Google products. Just like you would create a Google+ page for yourself we will create a business profile for you using Google Business. Like most social media sites setting up a profile involves putting in your businesses address, what your company does, contact information, etc. We will also be able to promote your business on Google Business and build your brand through the use of video, status updates and blogs.

Google Places

Places may be the easiest way to get people to find your business (which makes it easier for you to drive up your sales) and it is also fairly easy to use. Still, not many businesses have adopted Places yet despite the fact that it could be one of the greatest assets for small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s). It will help boost your findability in local searches based on your proximity (and what the customer is searching) which means more business coming to your website, or through your front door, and greater profits.

Google Local

While we are on the subject to boosting your local findability we should probably discuss Google Local. Google Local combines Places and Business to make it easier for locals to both find your business and understand exactly what you do (which is why it may be the most useful product out of all of the Google products). The only downside is if the information on your Google Places page contradicts your Google Business page things can get a little confusing. That is why we suggest that you hire a social media marketing team. Here at Fat Guy, we will keep all of your accounts organized and help increase the number of followers you have. If you have any further questions about Google products, social media marketing or search engine optimization please feel free to contact us at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at

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