These 2 LinkedIn Marketing Myths Could Be Hurting Your Bottom Line

2 LinkedIn Marketing Myths May Be Hurting Your Bottom Line

When people discuss social media they typically talk about Facebook or Twitter or Instagram (even Google Plus). Rarely do they even mention more niche social networks, such as LinkedIn, which many perceive to be much more limited than its’ more popular brethren. That is, until very recently. With Facebook ending its’ organic reach and Twitter and Instagram likely to follow suit, digital marketing professionals have had to find an alternative platform for their campaigns. That search led marketing professionals, like us, back to LinkedIn and we learned that we may have underestimated the site due to some myths that have been circling about. To dispel those LinkedIn marketing myths we have put together a guide to help dispel any of the unfortunate rumors.

2 LinkedIn Marketing Myths We Need to Counteract

1. LinkedIn is Only Useful For Making Professional Connections (Not Marketing)

That is what LinkedIn was designed to do. They even declare themselves to be the world’s largest professional network (they are) so it would make sense that you would want to connect and network on the social media platform. But you do not have to keep it to just your personal business connections (which is why this is the first of our LinkedIn marketing myths). Your customers and prospects probably have professional pages (which means you can connect with them). Once you have connected with customers you can start advertising in a similar way to the way you have been on Facebook or Twitter, with one key difference. On LinkedIn you can become a thought leader or expert which will give you access to an even wider pool of potential customers and boosts the prestige of your brand.

2. When You Post, Only Post About Your Company and Industry

Inexperienced marketers or copywriters may only center their posts about their company and industry but those who know what they are doing will do something a bit different. We, at Fat Guy Media, do enjoy quality, well-written original content that is industry specific (it is informative) but it only constitutes a portion of a successful digital marketing campaign. Your blog and social media posts should present information that is relevant to your customers which means there is some freedom with regards to what you can post. There it is, the second of our LinkedIn marketing myths, dispelled. If you decide to utilize our services we can use LinkedIn (as well as other social media platforms) to help boost your sites finadbility, increase traffic to your site and potentially increase your profits. To schedule a consultation please (or for further questions about LinkedIn marketing myths or social media marketing) please feel free to contact us at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you!

A Guide to Social Media Marketing : Downloadble free guide.

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