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How to Save Your Marketing Strategy – Conduct a Marketing Campaign Analysis

Having just started your first marketing campaign you’re probably feeling more than a little excited. Your campaign will give you access to more traffic, more ideal clients and more money in your pocket (at least that’s the goal). Unfortunately, many small businesses see their first campaign wither and die; taking their dreams of long-term growth to the same abyss that many of our New Year’s resolutions go to around this time of year. Fortunately, there are ways to resurrect both your marketing campaign and your New Year’s resolutions. With well-defined short and long term goals, some degree of flexibility and a marketing campaign analysis you should be able to turn your biggest failure into your greatest asset.

How to Start Your First Marketing Campaign Analysis

1.       Set (Realistic) Goals

Realistic campaign goals should revolve around the buyer personas you have established. These personas will help you better target the needs and wants of your clients and customers. If you understand those you’re off to a good start, but you need to do a little bit more to create a successful campaign. As much as this process is about your customers, you should also have some degree of self-interest. Namely, what do you want this campaign to achieve (more traffic, more conversions, etc.) and what’s the time frame? Your short-term goals should occur in intervals throughout your marketing campaign. This will not only make you feel as though you are working towards something, it will give you real time information about what’s working and what’s not. But, to get all of that data you’ll need to conduct a marketing campaign analysis.

2.       Marketing Campaign Analysis

To conduct a marketing campaign analysis you generally need to have access to some kind of inbound analytics software. Here at Fat Guy Media we use a service called Hubspot to track our clients data (leads, conversions, their business blog etc.). You can use a free software (like Google Analytics), but you get what you pay for. Thanks to the variety of features that Hubspot has to offer we are able to offer our clients real time guidance and adjust content to meet the needs of their customers. Through a combination of realistic goals and a data driven and responsive marketing campaign analysis it is possible to revive your marketing campaign. All you need to do is establish your buyer personas, target the needs of those personas, set some short-term goals and subscribe to some sort of inbound analytics software. If you can do all of that, we’re sure success is right around the corner. Best of luck! And, if you have any questions about inbound marketing please feel free to give us a call at 516-535-5353.

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