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Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Business Websites

Website design includes much more than easier navigation and sharper graphics. A website can be automated to convert visitors into leads and customers. By implementing several conversion rate optimization tips, a newly redesigned site can deliver new prospects to your business 24/7.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) aims to increase the percentage of website visitors who become leads or customers. CRO is hardly guesswork. It is shaped by the scientific process of diagnosis, hypothesis and testing.

Our conversion rate optimization tips are broken down into four categories keywords, conversion funnel, call-to-action buttons and A/B testing.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips


A proven way to increase website visitors is to incorporate keywords into the content. Strategically placed keywords, which may pertain to your industry, services, products or location, increase website rankings in search engine results pages (SERP).

As a part of inbound marketing, long-tail keywords are highly specific search phrases of three or four words. They are effective for converting sales, because long-tail keywords target web searchers in the latter stages of the buyer’s journey. Long-tails are a smart strategy, because these phrases have less competition and therefore lower costs in Pay per click.

Conversion Funnelconversion rate optimization tips

Keywords place your content in front of web searchers to lead them down a conversion funnel. Different elements, such as headlines and call-to-action buttons, will then work together to increase your conversion rate.

Since only two out of 10 people read on past a headline, compelling titles are a valued commodity.

Four tips for more-effective headlines:

  • Unique
  • Ultra-specific
  • Urgent
  • Useful

Concise, targeted copy will then work to draw the reader further down the page towards a call-to-action. This clickable button attracts attention through relevant, unique graphics. A user-friendly interface is good for increasing visitors as well.

Call-to-Action Buttons

A call-to-action button has evolved into much more than just a button. This clickable feature comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Other factors like position and location on the web page can boost conversion rate. To optimize your conversion rate, include call-to-action buttons on the sidebar or bottom of content pages.

Conversion rate optimization tips for calls-to-action:

  • Clear offer
  • Fits content
  • Easy to act on
  • Inviting

A/B Testing

A/B testing shows different variants of the same website to similar visitors to test its conversion rate. Also called split testing, A/B testing enables the tweaking of web page elements, such as headlines and calls-to-action. This proven method benefits your business by offering insight into how visitors interact with your website.

Before changing website elements, it helps to examine what works well and what does not. Don’t just rely on intuition, incorporate A/B testing into the mix.

All this extra effort is never wasted time. Depending on website traffic, a slight conversion rate increase will result in a noticeable spike in a business’ customers.

conversion rate optimization

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