GEO Marketing – Why Does My Business Need It?

Don’t worry, we didn’t misspell SEO marketing, and yes, they probably could have found a better name for GEO marketing (but that’s what we’re stuck with). Aside from the name, Geographic Marketing provides you with another fantastic tool that you can use to gain access to local, prospective clients. Listed below are some examples of GEO marketing that you can use to boost your brand presence.

GEO Marketing – The Analysis Tool that Will Bring Your Customers Closer

1.       Local Webpages

Locally targeted, long tail keywords are useful if you plan on launching a successful search engine marketing campaign. While search engine marketing and search engine optimization are important there is another marketing tool that is both cheaper and more effective than traditional SEO. It’s called GEO marketing and it’s designed to bring your local customers, closer. With GEO marketing you can have your website translated into multiple languages, which can be beneficial if you work for an international company or cater to a diverse set of customers. Since 49.1% of New Yorkers speak a language other than English, chances are that your website could use a few translations.

2.       Local Social Media

Social media may be the most effective way to take advantage of GEO. Those customers who follow you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram typically live close to your business. You can use their close proximity to create a hyper-local campaign that will boost engagement and customer awareness. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant and would like to post an offer. With geographic marketing you can create custom offers and discounts for those local followers that have tagged or checked into your location via social media. With 63% of smartphone users (171.5 million in the U.S. alone) frequently using apps that require them to give their location, geographic marketing has become an essential component of any marketing analysis. Location data will continue to define those businesses who continue to embrace the future of marketing. It’s the next stage in what has been a swift evolution for inbound marketing.

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