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Hubspot Pricing: Is all that Money Really Worth it?

Hubspot is an all-encompassing inbound marketing software platform that companies use to expand their reach and convert leads to customers. Depending on your budget, there are three Hubspot pricing plans to choose from: Basic, Professional and Enterprise.  All three allow you to seamlessly post blogs, operate social media accounts and run email marketing campaigns from one convenient location.

The Invaluable Worth of Investing in Hubspot Pricing Plans

Hubspot Basic

If you’re looking for an entry-level tool for your marketing efforts, then Hubspot Basic is the pricing plan for you. This is a great tool for those just starting in inbound marketing. It’s ideal for startups and smaller businesses looking to build general awareness.

The features available on Hubspot Basic can also be used on all of the other pricing plans.

  • Building calls-to-action, landing pages and forms has never been easier.
  • All pages can be equipped with mobile optimization.
  • Hubspot helps segment your leads.
  • Calendar capabilities, including tasks and projects, can be accessed.

hubspot pricing

There are also tons of analytics to better inform future campaigns, including:

  • Campaigns
  • Personas
  • Sources
  • Keywords
  • Page performance
  • Competitors
  • Landing page performance

Even for the simplest pricing plan, Hubspot Basic still has so much to offer.

hubspot pricing

Hubspot Professional

Hubspot Professional is the middle tier pricing plan. It works great for those looking to improve lead nurturing, which is easy with tools like smart fields and marketing automation.

It includes every single feature that is available for the Basic Hubspot pricing plan. However, it also offers a whole lot more, like:

  • Smart calls-to-action and A/B testing
  • Smart content, progressive profiling and A/B testing for your landing pages
  • Custom lead scoring and sales lead revisit notifications
  • A/B testing for email marketing
  • List analytics and automation reports

Marketers and companies are always finding success with Hubspot Professional. That’s what makes it the most popular pricing plan.

hubspot pricing

Hubspot Enterprise

Anything that was attributed to the other plans is also available on Hubspot Enterprise, which is the best, most expensive Hubspot pricing option. It’s incredibly useful for large scale companies tracking multiple websites through several domains.

Some of Hubspot Enterprise’s features also include:

  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Event-based segmentation and scoring
  • Event-based automation triggers
  • Reporting for revenue, custom events, contacts and companies

If you decide to opt into a Hubspot pricing plan, you will be able to enjoy all of these invaluable tools and features that can benefit your company.
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