Heat Up Your Social Media Restaurant Marketing Plan

Increase awareness about your restaurant by adding social media to your marketing mix. The best way to promote your product(s) these days is through visual content, which if done correctly, will generate user engagement. First, make sure that you have a responsive web design that is visually appealing, user-friendly and fully optimized. Then, take advantage of these effective social media restaurant marketing strategies:

Social Media Restaurant Marketing Overview

Create Share-Worthy Posts

  • Elevate your brand through high-quality visual content
  • Share images such as: food, drinks, restaurant interior, staff, chef’s preparation and happy customers
  • Generate buzz; promote and show off new menu items, share “secret recipes”, announce new location(s)

Promote User-Generated Content

  • Have a direct dialogue with your current and prospective customers; be part of the conversation
  • Get customers involved by sharing limited time offers, contests and sweepstakes
  • Ask and answer questions; Provide complaint resolutions
  • Listen to your audience to gain feedback and insight on service and menu items

Create Brand Awareness

  • Humanize your company (show behind-the-scenes videos of your restaurant and staff)
  • Share any publicity that your restaurant has received (news outlets, TV, community engagements)
  • Humanize your restaurant: be personable, add humor and share stories that represent your brand identity
  • Make sure that you are using social media restaurant marketing strategies to increase reach

Let’s Talk About Platforms


  • Provide real-time updates by sharing photos of delicious food
  • Make sure that all images are high-quality (lighting and food presentation are key)
  • Encourage users to upload their favorite items on your menu
  • Always use (relevant) #hashtags to increase your post’s popularity. Stick to these three types:
    • Generic: popular terms, searched often (#foodie)
    • Descriptive: specific type of food or cuisine (#tapas)
    • Invented, Promoted or Trending: witty terms that usually reference pop culture (#noregrets)


  • Use this as customer service platform to answer people directly and be part of the conversation
  • Entice people to visit your restaurant by sharing visually appealing photos of your food, restaurant interior and customers enjoying themselves
  • Encourage followers to share posts with friends so that they can receive an exclusive offer or group deal
  • Give a discount or deal to anyone who “likes” your page


  • This social media restaurant marketing strategy is a great way to share daily specials, new menu items and promotions
  • Always be sure to add links and #hashtags to your tweets
  • Schedule tweets to be published around breakfast, lunch and dinner hours (before they are hungry!)
  • Target specific groups or events (ex. happy hour, ladies’ night)
  • Re-tweet favorable customer comments

Twitter Best Practices Downloadable Guide

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