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Professional Social Networking That Isn’t a Chore

We all know there is more than one way to cook an egg, so why are you relying on one website for professional social networking? Aside from the tried-and-true LinkedIn, using the social media juggernauts Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can broaden your networking horizons.

Ways to Widen a Professional Social Networking Circle

Networking can be an arduous process for anyone. So, instead of relying on one site geared towards professionals, why not network on the sites you actually use? Expand your professional social networking circle today by learning our strategies for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


Sorted by hashtags, Twitter’s ongoing conversations present an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. Aside from following your friends and family, look to connect with industry influencers. It’s also beneficial to connect with people in your immediate industry. Since the majority of Twitter users have public profiles, it’s easier to connect with friends you haven’t met yet. Often events, including conferences and networking mixers, create hashtags specifically for their use. Incorporating this hashtag into your posts will help you connect with other professionals. Try following up with these people after the event to broaden your professional social networking base. You can also use Twitter to attract new connections to your growing social circle by including professional information in your bio. Include hashtags and industry-specific information to optimize your reach.


Facebook, the world’s go-to social media site, can be a powerful networking tool, too. A personal Facebook page can be leveraged to raise your profile and build your personal brand. To expand your professional circle, become an influencer by posting a steady stream of informative content related to your industry. Facebook groups also present an opportunity to connect with those who share similar interests or affiliations. By being active in relevant groups, you can expand your professional social networking circle. Before you start on any quest to become an influential member of your industry take a look at yourself. Remove any embarrassing photos or posts that might turn off potential networking contacts. Remember, if you want to be taken seriously on Facebook, be careful what you share.


Google’s answer to Facebook is another good place to connect with like-minded people. If you network the right way, your Google+ circles should be ever-expanding. Google+’s platform for producing and promoting content will help you gain contacts quickly. Another way to connect on Google+ is to join live conversations in Google Hangouts. Try finding Hangouts specific to your industry or interests to increase your network. While an optimized profile is important, don’t wait to be found on Google+. The best networkers take the initiative and reach out first. Since social media focuses on cultivating relationships, it’s a natural choice for professional networking. On any platform, it’s important to be engaged with other users in order to get noticed. So, don’t forget to comment and connect.

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