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How Fun At Work Can Increase Productivity

Did you say Fun at Work? Who knew?

Kick your shoes off, throw your feet up, and think about the last time you had fun at work. By fun I don’t mean you found your work enjoyable or fulfilling. I’m talking about when you played a leisurely game of basketball with a co-worker using the garbage can or goofing around with some fun office toys. Let the eye rolling begin! You probably think “work” and “fun” don’t go together. News flash, having fun at work is important and has many benefits for both the organization and its employees. There are numerous studies and books written on this topic. These studies and books express how having fun at work can lead to increased productivity, team work, better decisions making, and overall better work environment. Along with those results, the studies found that companies that are fun have fewer absences and lower turnover.

Reasons why fun in the workplace works!

Allowing employees to have fun in the workplace helps make, and keep them, happy. Taking a break to do something fun and relaxing will provide relief and have employees going back to work in a brighter and happier mood. This is what increases their productivity level. Creating a fun work environment helps to increase socialization, which results in getting to know co-workers better and also boosts team work. A lot of times co-workers are just stuck in a group without knowing the people part of that group, which can result in a decrease of creativeness or productivity. This occurs because the person feels like an outcast or doesn’t want to “step on toes” because they don’t really know the people in the group that well and feel uncomfortable voicing an opinion. Before you completely ignore the facts, give it a try and see if you notice an increase of productivity and a better work environment. If you’re already at a fun work environment we would love to hear what it is that makes your company fun!

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