LinkedIn for Business | Best Practices

LinkedIn for Business | Best Practices

It might be the most overlooked social media network out there, but LinkedIn has the potential to boost lead generation rates beyond what you might expect on more popular networks like Facebook and Twitter. Why’s that? While the social media platform for businesses might not have the same cool factor of its social brethren, it does have access to professional clientele. Clientele that will actually turn into marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) if you use these LinkedIn for business best practices.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business the Right Way

1.       Create a Profile

If you’re planning on catching some professional MQL’s, you’ll first need to cast your net. In this case, you’ll have to create an engaging, trustworthy and visually appealing profile. An elegantly designed logo will serve as an enticing visual draw for those first time customers who are just getting to know you. To fully master LinkedIn for business you’ll have to have a well-developed bio, if you plan on winning over your MQL’s with your online presence.

2.       Use InMail and Advanced Search to Locate Prospects

After you’ve cast your net, you’ll want to start identifying what leads are worth pursuing. LinkedIn for business gives you the unique opportunity to sort through prospects (using Advanced Search) and contact qualified leads (via InMail). You can also use the analytics tool associated with your company account to create highly targeted Follow Ads to help convert the leads you identified using the other two tools.

3.       Share Relevant and Original Content

Inbound marketing works best as a cohesive unit, if you separate it into its individual parts it becomes far less effective. Your social media campaigns will work best when they are paired with the content marketing you are publishing on your website. Those blogs will help serve to answer the questions your target personas and LinkedIn contacts are asking and convert them into customers. Using LinkedIn for business can help your company create social media marketing campaigns that will significantly boost your conversion rates. It does take time, energy and some experimentation to get the best results. With patience, your campaigns will reach the lofty peaks that you had previously envisioned.

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