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How the Keyword Planner can Revolutionize your SEO Strategy

For the longest time, Google Keyword Tool was the go-to program for SEO specialists and digital marketers looking to craft an engaging, successful SEO campaign. Google AdWords has since introduced a tool called Keyword Planner, which will allow digital marketers to explore a wider, more comprehensive pool of keyword and ad group ideas to utilize in clients’ campaigns.

The Many Benefits and Uses of the Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner at a Glance

To access the Keyword Planner tool, you must have an active Google AdWords account for your company. You can navigate to it from the Tools and Analysis tab on the top menu of your account’s homepage.

When you begin your inquiry and start importing keywords to search for, you will see that there are two tabs for you to choose from. One is called “Ad group ideas.” It shows your keywords broken into categories and Ad groups for you to use in Adwords campaigns.

The other, “Keyword ideas,” will show you all of the metrics and suggestions that you will need for an SEO campaign. However, beyond both of these uses, there are plenty of other features and ways that you can utilize the Keyword Planner.

keyword planner

Keyword Research

Everyone knows that the trick to any good SEO campaign are relevant, highly searchable, and easy to rank for keywords. However, it isn’t always so easy to find. Fortunately, when using “Keyword ideas,” you’re presented with your search terms’:

  • Average monthly searches
  • Level of ranking competition
  • Suggested bid amount for pay-per-click campaigns

If you have certain keywords in mind, this will let you truly discover how useful they’ll be in your campaign. Ideally, you want a keyword that has a high amount of average monthly searches and a low level of competition. You will be able to toggle with and modify your keywords to yield the best results.

Furthermore, your search will produce a list of relevant keywords that are pertinent to your search. This will take away some of the guess work it takes to find your top picks. It will also show you keywords that you may have never even thought of using, but would work perfectly.

keyword planner

Specific Targeting

The keyword analytics that your search results produce can be targeted to account for a variety of different categories. When you’re operating a digital marketing campaign, a common goal is to resonate with a certain target audience.

Keyword Planner allows you to seamlessly target your keyword results and statistics to represent a predefined list of traits. You will be able to target for:

  • Language
  • Geographic location
  • Negative keywords

You can even check out historical data and trends over any period of time. When you’re able to directly access figures like these, you open yourself up to an expanded collection of research that you can use to modify your existing campaigns and better inform future ones as well.

keyword planner

Keyword Planner is one of the most useful tools on the internet for digital marketers. Get started with it today to best serve your future SEO campaigns.

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