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On Page SEO is the Cure to What’s Ailing Your Website

Every day, your website inches closer to obsolescence. Without updates, it slowly sinks down search engine results pages, leaving your business wondering where it went wrong. If this scenario sounds familiar, consider on page SEO. It will rejuvenate your website.

How On-Page SEO Attracts and Retains Visitors

The webpage links that appear in search engine results pages are far from random. In organic results, search engine choose the order in which web pages are displayed. Businesses that rank high on SERP pages utilize on page SEO, a proven method to increase online visibility.

Keyword Targeted

Keywords are words or phrases that match your content with terms people type into a search engine. By strategically choosing on page SEO keywords, your business can reach a wider audience online.

From the page title to the photos, keywords can be used across your website. By including keywords several times throughout the text, your page’s SERP rank will improve.


The title, the first-seen and thus one of the most important elements of a page, should always be unique and include a keyword. A more creative blog title will increase share-ability.

URLon page seo

Another easy way to optimize a webpage is to include a keyword in the webpage address. This makes the page easily findable for web searchers and search engines.


The metadata — the text that appears below a link in search engines — is another great optimization opportunity, because it adds context to a web page’s headline.


Subheads, which organize your content into distinct parts, can be used to further optimize your page with the inclusion of a keyword

Alt-tag photos

A picture can tell a thousand words without saying anything, but in on page SEO, it really is the alt-tag that does all the talking. Search engines, which can’t read pictures, use the alt-tag to categorize your content, according to your keyword.

All of these seemingly small on page SEO tricks add up to a fully optimized page that gives your business greater visibility in search engines.

Unique, Valuable Content

With more than one billion web pages and counting, Google and other search engines now prefer unique content that is valuable to readers.

Pages with these qualities consistently rank higher in results:

  • Authentic
  • Not just merely self-promotion
  • Provides value
  • Easily consumed and understood

Inbound and Outbound Links

Inbound and outbound links are a great way to make your content more interactive. An outbound link can be used to provide explanation to a term or topic. Whereas, an inbound link can direct a web visitor to one of your service pages or blogs. By directing a visitor to more information about your company, it will bring you one step closer to converting your next sale.

on page seo

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