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Why an SEO Strategy is Pivotal to Growing Web Traffic

With nearly two billion websites online right now, how can your business’ new site get any attention at all? The answer is an SEO strategy. Companies everywhere use this pivotal piece of the inbound marketing puzzle to climb to the top of search rankings. Learn why you should too.

What is an SEO Strategy?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the science of making pages on a website more likely to be recognized by search engines, such as Google or Bing. In an SEO strategy, digital marketing agencies use keywords and keyword phrases to help improve the chances of web pages receiving a high ranking on search engine results pages.

seo strategy

Why is SEO an Important Part of Digital Marketing?

1)      It Helps Web Searchers Easily Find you

There’s no doubt that people are increasingly turning to the internet to research their purchases. It’s also clear that they don’t have the time to scroll through 10 pages of Google results. An SEO strategy can literally raise your website’s ranking position and increase your visitors in the process.

For example, you are the owner of a local Italian restaurant who is interested in attracting new customers.

Your inbound marketing agency might use keyword research and long-tail keywords to help you rank higher for valuable search terms, like “Italian restaurant near me” or “Nassau County Italian restaurant.”

Then, your target audience would have no problem finding your restaurant online when they needed to.

2)      SEO Improves User Experience

Since just about everyone is pressed for time today, it pays to make your site easy to find and easier to navigate.

SEO can improve user experience by making information more readable and accessible. One part of a modern SEO strategy focuses on organizing content into topic clusters, which helps to sort pages for both users and search engines.

For example, an accounting firm might separate blog content into three categories: “tax season,” “tax laws” and “investing.”

seo strategy

3)      It Helps you Build Industry Authority

With Google processing 3.5 billion queries a day, your search position might be the most important asset or liability your company has. It not only contributes to the number of views your site receives, it has the potential to influence your reputation, too.

Think about how many times you have chosen to click on a business that has a higher search ranking than another. Whether it’s fair or not, search position often influences a potential customers’ initial impression of a brand.

Those with higher rankings are immediately seen to be more credible. And, if your company is not found in Google, you are not even part of the conversation.

In 2019, SEO strategy is a pivotal part of digital marketing services. It is used not just in blogging but throughout a site’s pages. Time after time, the sites that use SEO climb to the top of search pages and stay there.

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