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Basic Twitter Stats Can Now Be Accessed By Anyone.

Twitter Stats Now Available To All!

Knowing your Twitter stats is key to measuring your efforts on Twitter. Until recently this information was only available to Twitter’s advertising partners. Now Twitter has opened its analytics platform to the public. This means you will be able to access the free dashboard allowing you to check the performance of your tweets and a breakdown of your followers. To access this information, head over to the Twitter Ads Dashboard, sign in and click the ‘Analytics’ tab at the top left of the page. Under the timeline activity page you will be able to see how many replies, re-tweets and favorites your tweets have received. For a free service Twitter did a great job of giving this information a very user-friendly format. They also included a feature allowing you to download this information as a CSV file. Downloading the stats in a CSV file allows you to save this information for later use or to print and share with other team members. Twitter granting access to this information is great news for bloggers and smaller businesses. This will be very useful to those who want to track how their Twitter stats and see how it contributes to their marketing goals. Like anything free though it will have its limitations. If you need more in-depth reporting than this free solution provides it may require the use of third-party tools.   – Fat Guy Media Team

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