Google Partners Offers Clients Rich Experience and Expertise

A combination of book smarts and street smarts is tough to beat. With Google Partners, clients can receive the best of both these worlds. A Google Partner certified agency, like Fat Guy Media, has all the resources, support and training necessary to help businesses succeed online.  So, why settle for anything less?

You Can Depend on Google Partners

To qualify for Google Partner status, agencies must ace a series of exams about Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Google Partners exams test for skill sets that are both fundamental and advanced. Applicants must also show Google how they have helped clients achieve their online goals as well as how they used best practices in the process. Once these steps are completed, a trusted Google Partner certified agency receives a badge like this one: Google Partners There are several requirement to join the Google Partners program. An agency must be Google AdWords certified. They must utilize best practices to demonstrate they are maximizing clients’ performance. Agencies must show they spend a healthy amount of money on their clients’ campaigns. Agencies must also maintain a Google Partner profile like this one for Fat Guy Media. The Google Partners badge recognizes companies that Google trusts to help clients succeed on the web with their products. The badge is awarded to companies that excel at what they do. Typical Google Partners are known to be healthy companies with happy customers. Clients can search for one of more than 5,000 Google Partners right here.

Certified Online Experts

Because you may lack the skills or staff to execute an online campaign, a Google Partner certified agency may be the right choice for your organization. These agencies boast a combination of book smarts, streets smarts and insider access.

Book Smarts

With certification exams scheduled every 12 months, Google Partners stay up to date on the latest Google tools and products so you don’t have to.

Street Smarts

Google screens their Partners according to their previous success in helping clients. Google also teaches industry best practices to help clients get the most of their campaigns. They are skilled at managing campaigns which enables you to get the most out of your budget.

Google Access

Google Partners also have exclusive access to training, product updates and the latest research to stay ahead of the changing online curve.

Fat Guy Devours the Competition

Experience and expertise is what you should demand from a Long Island digital agency. If you are considering a Google AdWords campaign, Fat Guy Media is ready, willing and able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Request a free consultation today to gain the insight of our Google Partner certified team. Call 516-535-5353 today or email us at

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