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The Benefits of a Social Business: Hiring and Marketing

What Social Business Can Do for You

It’s the fastest evolving entity since humans. It’s social media. And while it hopefully will not become smarter than us, we can use it to make ourselves smarter. One crucial and effective way we can do that is to change a traditional business into a social business. In the past few years, businesses have upped their game thanks to social media. Social media has given information at the click of a button or a swipe of the finger. So why wouldn’t businesses take advantage of that? A social business not only connects the business internally but allows more creative displays and tactics to market the targeted audience. A social business could even reach a different audience that might have been unreachable before. The idea of unlimited connection and communication expands a small business’s outer edges in multiple aspects. Katie Doutwaite of The Muse says in order for a social business to be successful it needs a culture behind it. Look at it as if your business has a personality and your website, blog, social sites and general outlook displays that personality. An attraction is needed in order to entice potential clients into your business. That may sound difficult to do, or difficult for your coworkers to jump into. But that’s where we come in. A professional social marketing company, like Fat Guy Media, can give your business the social personality it needs. We can also market for you while you focus on your expanding business. Fat Guy Media will evolve your business and give it the personality it needs to target your clientele.

Social Business and Potential Employees

Social businesses not only look to social media to market their company, but businesses now use social media when hiring. Doutwaite writes job hunters are more interactive with their potential employees. Job hunters get to know the interviewee better, thanks to social media. According to Brooke Torres of The Muse, a vast majority of businesses are well connected with social media and the numbers are still growing. Approximately 92% of companies actively use social media when hiring new employees. Social media is a quick and effective look into the candidate’s personality and potential to be part of your company. If you are a job seeker, keeping tidy social sites could help you land a job over someone whose social sites are a little more risqué. Torres states, employers do deny potential candidates due to what is found on a candidate’s social sites. That does not mean you have to be nonexistent on social media. Think about how others might view you based on the content of your social sites. So for next time, posting a funny cat video over the photo of you passed out at New Years might just help you land that job.

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