Cyber Monday

Using Social Media for Cyber Monday

Each year, after many have finally awoken from their Thanksgiving feast coma, herds of discount hunting online shoppers show up to the doormat of the “internet mall” eagerly anticipating millions of penny pinching, Cyber Monday purchases. As a business owner and social media user, this is your time to capitalize, your Super Bowl, the 24 hour marathon that can really set you up to succeed this holiday season! Cyber Monday, similar to most retail mega-sales falls in support of a holiday. Difference being, Cyber Monday is surrounded by not just one 24-hour “day of importance” but an upcoming 1-2 months of holiday gifting! With a few tips from the Fat Guy Media team, you will be ready to be using social media for Cyber Monday.

Start the Holidays, Before the Holidays

Many holiday shoppers like to be prepared. Let’s face it, this massive shopping season can put quite a bit of fear into all of our pockets. Use this to your advantage by promoting your products and services early in the season using social media for Cyber Monday, before it even arrives. A shopper who knows what they want, is more likely to spend. Using social media for Cyber Monday allows you to reach out to the consumer before the stress shows up, allowing you to create and nurture a relationship as well as build their confidence in your brand. Let them know why your product is a must-have this holiday season.

Persuasive, Not Pushy When Using Social Media for Cyber Monday

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to push their product? After all, that’s what puts the money in our pockets. However, people like to trust the brand they are buying from, to feel a sense of importance and overall trust. What I feel to be one of the most commonly asked questions during a promotional time, is this actually a discount? Go beyond your product. Knowing your consumer is not going to solely shop with you. Using social media for Cyber Monday by looking into their buyer personas, get an idea of what other products/services they may be looking for and share tips, tricks, and information to make their spending process as simple, and cost effective as possible. Your social media channels are a powerful tool for establishing that ever so important feeling of trust in your brand.

Social Media: The Land of the Visual Salesman

Cyber Monday falls in an extremely busy and sometimes chaotic time of the year for many consumers. Holidays, vacations, school closings, heavy work flow and more all add together to leave as little time as possible for many of us to shop around. When turning to social media, people love visuals. The likelihood of engagement on a social media post is greatly increased when a visual is added. Therefore, increasing the chances that the “lead” or possible customer is going to further look into your product, landing them on your webpage, turning Cyber Monday surfers, into Cyber Monday buyers. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from trying. We all know that not all campaigns work. Not all sales promotions always hit sales goals. Using social media for Cyber Monday may not only drive traffic now, but gain followers for later. A consumer who has had a positive experience is that much more likely to return. Social media is a never ending community of friends/clients new and old constantly exploring. Build your community, grow your marketplace.

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