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Achieve the Perfect Custom Web Design for Your Company

There are dozens of free online website makers that allow business owners to create their own sites. However, how free are they really? Most of the free websites require a subscription to be purchased in order to personalize your website to your liking. Meaning, if you are using the free version, your site may have the same design, layout, and content as hundreds of others on the internet. If you’re looking for a fully custom web design personalized to your brand and liking, you need a web design company that will exceed your needs.

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Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Your Custom Web Design

Professionals who specialize in creating custom web designs spend their days researching and practicing the best new techniques for web design. They know the ins and outs that someone who is not in the industry may not understand, such as:

1.      Making sure to prioritize site speed

A slow loading time on a website can kill potential leads. A site that takes more than three seconds to load can lose, on average, up to 50 percent of an audience. Professionals within the web design industry know what steps to take in order to properly build a site and decrease any chances of it running slowly.

2.      Optimizing the pages for search engines

SEO is a critical part of web design. To rank well organically on a search engine, it is vital that the copy on your site is curated to fit the proper optimization guidelines. Without proper optimization, it is very easy for your site to get lost in the sea of websites on the internet. SEO will also help you to reach the audience that will be most beneficial to your company and most likely to take an action on your site.

3.      Organizing your CTAs correctly

Making sure you align your calls-to-action in specific spots on your site is key. A call-to-action should only be in places where your audience will be ready and want to take action. While they may be spending most of their time at the top of your website, the chances they are ready to take action that early on is slim. Having calls-to-action spaced out throughout the site will give them a better opportunity to reach it when they are ready.

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Create the Website that Works for You

When deciding it’s time to bring in the professionals and have them build your site for you, you don’t have to worry about giving up the reigns. The best designers will talk with you, understand your vision and allow it to come to life. You’ll have the ability to be a part of the process every step of the way, from the content added to your site, design layout to even the number of pages you decide to add.

If you’re looking for a reliable company for your custom web design to bring your ideas to fruition, contact Fat Guy Media. From start to finish we’ll help you create the site that will work best for you and your company.

How to Get Started Designing a Website that Generates Fat Results

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