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Four Website Trends you’ll Likely Hear a lot About in 2020

With rapid changes and developments happening daily across the internet, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. That’s especially true when it comes to the many innovations associated with web design. Since strategies and best practices are always changing, we decided to create a guide to help you stay in-the-know. So, here are some website trends to expect in 2020 and beyond.

The Top Website Trends on the Horizon

1.      Minimalism at Play

In the New Year, expect to see more minimalism and simplicity on the internet. Although these themes mean a lot of different things to many people, they generally refer to extensive white space.

Ideally, more white space means that distractions won’t take away from page hierarchy. Instead, pages will have a spacious, well-balanced feel.

Essentially, the content will be given much-needed room to breathe. As such, web designers aim for users to focus more on the actual content rather than a page’s presentation.

A blank web page

2.      Honey, I Blew Up the Typeface

When it comes to website trends in 2020, oversized typography will likely be all the rage. In fact, enlargement will also extend to other elements besides typography, including images, videos and even icons.

Not only will websites be more eye-catching, they will also help users understand what they’re about right off the bat. However, for this trend to reach its full potential, designers must greatly reduce the number of design elements on a page, since they can be overwhelming and distracting.

Overlapping layers on a website

3.      ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’

Although a few web designers have been somewhat blasé about it up to this point, voice search is here, and it’s here to stay. In fact, pretty much every home nowadays has some sort of smart speaker, like an Alexa or Google Home.

For that reason, designers are starting to significantly incorporate technology that accommodates this phenomenon. After all, the goal is to appear on search engines, and many people are now using voice to conduct these inquiries. That’s why voice integration is already the next big thing.

Voice Search Icon

4.      Peeling Back the Layers

One of the top website trends for adding 2-D depth to pages is through layer overlapping. This can be done by either putting elements on top of each other or by having extra content appear once it’s been clicked on.

When done correctly, these kind of web pages appear rich, orderly and legible. And when that occurs, content can be digested properly.

Website trends in the New Year will certainly be abundant, but these few might actually be the most prevalent!

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