Social Media Management

Creating a Process for Social Media Management

Social media continues to demonstrate itself as a major innovator in the marketing world and the process of business branding. Among plenty of others, platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have proven to be vital arenas for successful commercial campaigns. Although it seems like social media has been a prevalent trend in marketing since its inception, there are still countless companies that have yet to make the jump into the fray. If your business is considering an update of their marketing strategy, make sure to implement some of these tips on proven social media management practices for an effective campaign.

Social Media Management for Your Company

Getting Started

Before launching your social media campaign, it is beneficial to come up with a comprehensive outline of the project’s tasks and goals for every juncture. Make sure your objectives are concise and attainable so it is easier to formulate skill-specific assignments and deadlines to cut down on general oversight.

To choose the optimal outlet for your content, consider your envisioned buyer personas to determine where your target audience devotes the most time online. You want to be where your customers are spending their time.

Creating a Process for Social Media Management

Finding Your Voice

The cadence and language of the message that you put out on social media should accurately reflect your company culture and the tone of your campaign’s intent. Your business’s online persona must match its values to meet customer’s expectations and drive engagement.

Once established, your online presence will ideally become familiar and you will gain invaluable brand recognition. Inevitably, a well-known identity on social media will lead you to connect with your audience and build a rapport that consumers will come to embrace and trust. Think of your social media profile as your internet spokesperson selling and promoting your brand exactly as it’s delivered to an infinite network of consumers.

Social Media Management

The Art of Posting

So as to leverage your content to elicit that crucial engagement, your social media management must embrace the elaborate and much-discussed dynamics of where to post, what to post, and when to post. These subtleties have been meticulously dissected to delve into whether or not there is a peak time to post content and in what manner. A thorough infographic from Fast Company Magazine displays data that they’ve collected on this very subject. Some interesting things to pick up on:

  • Photo posts generate exponential engagement across Facebook and Twitter.
  • The highest average click-through-rates for posts on Facebook and Twitter can be found in the early to middle afternoon hours.
  • Well over half of all Pinterest users interact with brands through their platform.
  • The most rapidly growing demographic for Google + is 45-54 year olds.

These and all statistics should not be taken lightly. Research is instrumental in generating a popular campaign so it is useful to gather all intel available on your customers, other consumers, and general market trends. Furthermore, you should methodically analyze the reach of your content and all of the statistics associated with views and engagement. Therefore you can apply the findings to modify your social media management and better craft future endeavors.

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