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5 Essential Facebook Advertising Tips for Every Business

Facebook Ads are an effective advertising tactic for businesses who want to target potential customers who would most likely be interested in their product or service. Whether your business wants to get more Fan Page Likes, promote your posts or drive traffic to your website or landing page, follow these effective Facebook advertising tips.

Facebook for Business

Advertising on social media, especially Facebook, is a great way for businesses to build relationships with potential customers. As an advertiser, you have the ability to access endless amounts of data in order to promote ads that reach the right audience on both desktop and mobile devices. With Facebook’s advanced targeting options, you are able to narrow down your search based on the specific target audience(s) that you want to reach. You can filter your search based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors and connections.

Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Ads Manager

Whether you are looking to get clicks to your website, increase website conversions, page post engagement or page likes, you need to decide on one objective for each type of ad. You can simply use Facebook Ads Manager which will guide you through the process of creating your campaign, ad sets and ad creation. You can also track and measure your results, which we will get to later on.

Optimize Your Ad

According to Facebook advertising rules, an image cannot have more than 20 percent text. Your ad will not be approved to appear in user’s news feeds if you don’t follow the image and text guidelines. Since the main focus in your Facebook ad is an image, it needs to make an impact. Optimize your ad with images that are high-resolution and eye-catching.

Essential Components

This is one of most important Facebook advertising tips to remember. When creating your ad, there are five fundamental parts that must be included in order to be effective.

  • Business name or logo
  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • High-quality images or videos
  • Call-to-action button
  • Minimal text (20 percent total)

Below is an example of a Fat Guy Media Facebook Ad that consists of 5 essential elements that are needed to create an effective ad. The objective of this ad is to have the visitor take action and click on the “Sign Up” button which directs them to specific landing page where they can sign up for a free marketing assessment.

facebook advertising tips

Test Multiple Versions

Just like any advertising campaign, you need to figure out what is working and what can be improved. When it comes to Facebook ads, you should test a few versions by shifting certain elements around, such as changing an image, headline or text. Once you figure out which ad performs best, you can allocate the rest of your budget towards that ad.

Track and Review Results

As mentioned earlier, you can use Facebook Ads Manager to track the progress of your ads. It is vital that you keep track of your ads to ensure that you know which ads are most effective and what needs to change going forward. You will be able to access valuable data such as performance, engagement, website conversions and clicks. You can also customize the settings to view your most important ad metrics or see results of a specific date range.

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