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What to Do (and Not to Do) When Creating Memorial Day Ads

With fewer New Yorkers traveling this holiday weekend, retailers now have an even better shot of reeling in potential customers, who are spending more time online. But, as you know, attracting customers is nearly never as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. To close deals this weekend, your Memorial Day ads should be more than just a picture of an American flag. Here’s a few Fat Guy-approved best practices to follow.

How to Create Top Performing Memorial Day Ads

1)      Think Beyond the Stars and Stripes

Many advertisers make the mistake of only using very basic America symbols, like a flag, when creating Memorial Day ads. In fact, there are many possible types of imagery that can be used to coincide with the weekend.

Although it’s important to honor those who bravely served our country, your target audience will probably be thinking more about grilling burgers, rather than visiting Arlington National Cemetery.

It’s often best to create upbeat ads that celebrate America. Aside from patriotic imagery, there are other symbols of the holiday you could use, including:

  • Outdoor activities
  • Summer
  • Grilling

Memorial Day Ads don't always have to be somber

2)      Create Content Specific to Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not just another holiday on the calendar to celebrate America.

For example, fireworks in Memorial Day ads are a no-no. Save them for the Fourth of July.

Memorial Day Weekend has its own significance — honoring men and women who died serving our country — that should be considered during ad creation.

If there’s space the ad graphic, thanking service members is always a good option. But, try not to overpromote your products or services, while saluting our armed forces, because you could unintentionally offend potential customers.

3)      Stay on Brand

When creating Memorial Day ads, you also should consider exactly how you will integrate your brand image into the graphic.

For example, if you are creating a simple social media ad graphic, consider making references to your brand more minimal than a typical ad, considering the somewhat sober tone of the holiday.

Since the colors of Memorial Day are red, white and blue, you might also want to think about adjusting the color scheme of your own logo to make it fit the spirit of the season.

For businesses across Long Island, Memorial Day Weekend is a great opportunity to hold a sale. If you are thinking about any type of digital marketing campaign, following these best practices will likely help you reel in more customers.

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