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An Up-Close Look at an Inbound Marketing Blog Post

Blogging is one of the hottest inbound marketing strategies right now, but few outside the industry fully understand how it works or the promotional power it can hold. If you are considering digital marketing services, you could benefit by first developing a better understanding of the ins and outs of a blog post.

What is a Blog, Anyway?

Blogging first started in the early 1990s when individuals began publishing online journals on personal websites. Back then, a blog, which is short for “web log,” was more personal and less professional. Today, all types of companies and organizations host blogs on business websites, which share informative content, industry observations, news updates and more.

How Inbound Marketing Blog Posts are Unique

An inbound marketing blog post is not the same as an article from a local newspaper. Instead of just providing newsworthy information, an inbound blog shares relevant, informative content to accomplish one of these four business objectives:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

In all stages of the inbound methodology, blog posts aim to provide enough valuable information to encourage website visitors to follow an established conversion path. Along the way, companies use this marketing strategy to help build brand awareness, grow contact lists, fuel the sales funnel and even improve brand loyalty.

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The Nuts and Bolts of a Blog Post

Blogs published today typically follow a formula that has several distinct parts. Each piece is different from the next, but when joined together they create a unique inbound marketing tool.

  • A Headline
  • An Introduction
  • The Body
  • Multiple Headings
  • Internal Links
  • SEO
  • Photos and Graphics
  • The Call-to-Action

Although these are the most common elements, blogging is a creative process that leaves room for lots of experimentation. In fact, no single blog post is ever exactly the same.

5 Basic Types of Blog Posts used Today

Inbound marketing blogs generally fall into one of a few standard categories. Depending on what type of products or services your company sells, one or all of these basic blog types may be used.

  • How-To
  • List-Based
  • Curated Collection
  • Photo Presentation
  • Newsjacking

For example, a financial services firm might publish a how-to blog about planning for retirement or a list-based blog post about the benefits of financial planning.

While these types of posts may sound very different, they still work in the same way, attracting potential customers on search engine results pages and in social media marketing.

A graphic about the power of a blog post.

Add Blogging to your Digital Marketing Strategy

If your company’s website has become static, your domain’s search rankings might already be dropping. With just a few blog posts a week or month, a business blog can transform your site into a lively online destination for new and returning customers alike.

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