Social Media Hacking

How to Protect your Business from Social Media Hacking

Since social media is an important part of business these days, it’s become essential to keep your accounts protected. Consider what would happen if someone else gained access to your accounts. The consequences can potentially devastate your company and everything you’ve worked towards. So, to help safeguard against social media hacking, check out some of these key tips and tricks.

Keeping your Accounts Safe from Social Media Hacking

Bulk up your Passwords

This should go without saying, but strong passwords should always be used for social media accounts, especially in business. In fact, the stronger the better.

When you utilize these kinds of passwords, social media hacking will become that much more difficult. Just make sure to use a password management program so you don’t forget or lose them!

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Be Wary of Third-Party Apps

With social media management, third-party applications like post schedulers can be pretty important. However, you have to be careful with providing passwords and information.

For the most part, the apps are probably fine, but you just need to steer clear of illegitimate ones. Make sure to always read the fine print on what you’re actually authorizing. If you don’t, it might come back to haunt you!

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Authenticate in Two-Steps

In order to login to your social media platforms, try instituting two-step authentication or verification. That way, a user must go through multiple components and even provide a confirmation code. It may seem like a hassle initially, but two-step authentication is vital for fighting social media hacking.

Educate your Staff

No matter how many precautions you take, you should always train employees to recognize and prevent social media hacking. Even the most basic social media training should include everything from sharing information and establishing privacy settings to identifying phishing and spam attempts.

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Limit Access

One of the best ways to ensure social media hacking can’t infiltrate your business is by limiting account access. We’re aware that some businesses give account information to their entire social media teams. However, we’re here to tell you that isn’t always the best decision.

When you restrict the amount of people who have access to your accounts, you’re severely limiting the ways in which you can be hacked. And that’s the goal after all.

In this business, social media hacking is serious and should not be taken lightly. However, if you put a couple of these tips into practice, your accounts can become that much safer.

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