Facebook contest app

A Facebook Contest App for Every Business

Digital marketing campaigns are best served when they integrate social media platforms to their approach. Using social media for any campaign will undoubtedly increase your visibility while building your brand. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of how crucial it is to promote customer engagement on these platforms, especially on Facebook. A great way to do this is through promotional contests. A Facebook contest app will help your business manage these campaigns so your company can continue to grow.

How to Use a Facebook Contest App

Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Contest

The first step of anything you do on social media is to have a well thought out, concrete plan for execution. It’s key to stay focused on your goals and not get distracted.

Also, before choosing the contest format, think long and hard about your target audience and what appeals to them. The prize and contest itself should be desirable for your audience. Make them want to participate.

Facebook contest app

No matter how you plan your contest, never undersell it. Always promote the heck out anything you do and make sure it has the most reach it possibly can have. Therefore, you have a better chance to succeed on your goals.

The Best Apps for Running Your Facebook Contest

Choosing the right Facebook contest app for your company should not be taken lightly. Here are some of the best Facebook contest apps to choose from:


Heyo is perfect for small businesses and agencies that are looking to expand with contests. This tool allows a business to choose from a wide range of well-designed contest templates, not to mention their customer service is unparalleled. Their user interface is also quick and easy to use for those of us that aren’t as tech savvy.

Some of their contest options include sweepstakes, video/photo submissions, friend referrals, and free downloads. Even though their publishing options only work with Facebook, they run through pretty much every social media platform.

Facebook contest app


WooBox is ideal for those companies that have a very specific idea of how their contest should look. They provide an expansive library of apps to choose from that are also highly configurable. Some of their contest choices include coupons, quizzes, polls, brackets, pin to win, and instant wins. Keep in mind that they also allow you to run Facebook Ads through their app.


For those who want to build their contest from the ground up, Shortstack utilizes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool that has tons of features like in-depth analytics, team blueprints, and even event triggers. Though the options and features are endless, Shortstack is usually the preferred app of larger, more tech-oriented companies. Their contest selections include, among others, sweepstakes, voting, refer-a-friend, and quizzes. They also offer a wide-range of affordable pricing plans.

Facebook contest app


Although it’s one of the higher priced options out there, Wishpond is a great platform that can provide assistance on landing pages, pop-ups, and email marketing in addition to contests. Besides their many templates, after your contest is live, you can use it to run ads or work on additional aspects of your marketing campaign. With Wishpond, you can run sweepstakes, photo contests, referral incentives, and coupons.


AgoraPlus allows for complete contest building as well as publishing, social media monitoring, and an excellent mobile app. All of their contests are pre-designed, so you’ll be able to spend less time producing them and more time actually running them. They offer sweepstakes, photo contests, instant wins, coupons, and photo contests.

What are some of your favorite social media contests?

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