Successful Social Media Campaigns

Brands that are Killing It with Successful Social Media Campaigns

As social media establishes itself as a game changer for digital marketing, brands are focusing more and more on creating an online presence to expand reach and promote visibility. The same tactics used to gear content towards a specific demographic can be applied to your social media strategy. Ideally, your brand’s social media profiles and posts should contribute to and enhance your target audience’s online experience in some way. If your company hopes to be the next big thing online, follow the lead of these brands that are running successful social media campaigns.

A Look at Four Successful Social Media Campaigns

Consumers tend to engage with brands that are funny, insightful, useful, or innovative. More than ever before, people are using social media as a way to discover brands and decide on which ones are worth giving business to. Consumers value companies that can speak their language and become a part of the conversation.

Here are some of those brands that are revolutionizing digital marketing with these successful social media campaigns.


Once marketed as America’s diner, Denny’s took on an unusual attitude for their Twitter persona. They adopted a voice that can best be described as “tastefully bizarre,” but still very funny. They take advantage of popular memes, emojis, and all of Twitter’s many trends and nuances. Denny’s realizes that young people are some of the busiest and most active members of social media. By embracing the unique online behavior of this demographic, Denny’s exposes themselves to an audience that they believe can best promote their brand.


No brand caters more to their target audience better than Pampers. They make no mistake about their customers and only post content relevant to their demographic. They routinely have photo contests to promote engagement by encouraging followers to share pictures of their babies.

They also started the #BetterforBaby campaign showing disadvantaged families who are struggling to help their babies and the impact that their brand has on these people’s lives. The company decided to help out some of their underprivileged customers by making their biggest dreams come true.

For one family, Pampers completely renovated their baby’ room to be more accommodating for his Cystic Fibrosis. Consumers are able to see how Pampers is changing lives in a way that especially resonates with their demographic. They leverage their platform to establish a one-of-a-kind community for their customers.

Newcastle Brown Ale

This beer company turned their inability to fund a Super Bowl ad into an advantage. Instead of spending top dollar for primetime ad placement, Newcastle decided to poke fun at itself and launched a so-called “No Bollocks” digital campaign dedicated to how they almost made a Super Bowl ad.

It featured spots from actress Anna Kendrick and football legend Keyshawn Johnson as well as faux focus groups and a very satirical native ad on the website Gawker. Newcastle made one of the wittiest campaigns of the Super Bowl season and it was broadcasted exclusively on social media. They mocked the entire Super Bowl ad frenzy while going viral and stealing all the shine from the primetime ads.


The rocket and spacecraft manufacturer, SpaceX, is an expert at capitalizing on their niche market and distributing only exclusive content to their target audience. SpaceX’s Facebook and Twitter profiles are known for their incredible live streams of rocket launches and their extensive collection of photos taken in space. Their strategy is crafted specifically towards what they believe their followers will find interesting. More so, there is no other outlet on social media putting out content like this so they have become one of the biggest hubs for all things outer space.

What are some of your favorite social media campaigns?

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