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Facebook Slideshow and Its Effect on Publishers

This week, Facebook launched their new feature called ‘Slideshow’ with the new iOS 10 Apple update. This tool allows users who have taken more than five photos or videos within a 24-hour span to compile them into a shareable slideshow format. Utilizing the same Snapchat-like technology as Facebook’s already existing Moments app, you will be able to select a theme and musical accompaniment for your particular slideshow. Aside from Facebook’s new focus on a users’ friends and family, publishers and businesses will be able to use the Facebook slideshow to put faces to their brand and display products in a different tone.

The Need for Facebook Slideshow in Digital Marketing

Facebook’s New Focus

In an overall attempt to keep up with the fast paced world of digital media, Facebook is integrating features to their platform that will make it easier for photos and videos to be shared and consumed. The hope is that, with a new way for their visual media to be experienced, users will share more posts and stay engaged on the site for a longer period of time.

This is also an innovation that they think will result in more personal content from their users and not solely sponsored posts directly from brands. They found that people are more likely to engage with those they know personally rather than businesses. This new tool will allow people to interact with and see other people’s lives in a way that has not yet been seen on Facebook in this way.

Facebook Slideshow

Making It Work for Your Business

Any features will benefit Facebook’s user engagement will obviously benefit publishers. Companies are well aware of the industry-wide push for more video and photo content. This new medium may convince consumers to check out a business’s post because it is more visually appealing than scrolling through just a bunch of block images.

Furthermore, companies will be able to analyze their target audience’s online behavior and get a better idea of who exactly their customers are. Any insight that a businesses can use to influence their social media strategy can be turned into more leads and inevitably more customers.

It will be interesting to see all the ways that businesses will use the Facebook Slideshow feature to build their unique brand.
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