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How to Make the Most of Conversion Rate Optimization

From social posts to blog headlines, marketers constantly aim to attract and hold the attention of potential customers. However, the success of many marketing campaigns is judged on landing page conversions rather than the amount of visitors. If your leads have been lacking lately, give these three conversion rate optimization tips a try.

3 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

1)      Never Start a Marketing Campaign without a Landing Page

Landing pages — web pages that capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form — are the bread and butter of every marketing campaign. They are an effective tool for guiding visitors through the digital marketing conversion process.

High-conversion landing pages do these five things:

  • Target an audience
  • Offer something of value
  • Convert visitors into leads
  • Capture contact information
  • Gain demographic information about leads

2)      Create Content that Convertsconversion rate optimization

To achieve the highest conversion rate optimization possible, all your content must be aligned with your overall goal.

Since you have just a brief moment to hook a reader, a clear and concise message is the best mantra. Offer just enough information to convey your point. No more, no less.

Finally, to achieve the best results, always tailor your content to your target audience and where they currently are in the buyer’s journey.

Always Include these Content Elements

3)      Let Data be your Guide

Today, you are able to track things you never could before. Analyze each piece of your campaign is a way to raise your overall conversion rate.

For example, you can analyze the bounce rate of a website (how frequently visitors quickly leave a webpage). This is an indication that certain webpages might not be relevant or valuable enough for users.

  • Run A/B tests
  • Use data to understand which landing page elements are being ignored the most
  • Compare click and scroll behavior across various segments of visitors
  • Identify the form-fields that cause web-form drop-offs
  • Use real-time surveys
  • Track all your conversions

While you implement these conversion rate optimization tips, remember that marketing campaigns are always evolving. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

conversion rate optimization

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