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Inbound Marketing Strategy: How Does HubSpot add value?

Being a marketing company, we at Fat Guy Media love inbound marketing strategy! And don’t get us started on our love for HubSpot. I had never heard about HubSpot until I joined the Fat Guy Media team and to be honest I can’t imagine marketing without it. HubSpot helps in every aspect of the inbound marketing strategy. The value that HubSpot gives your inbound marketing strategy is immeasurable. Which is really ironic because HubSpot’s value is in its measurement of your inbound marketing strategy. You can see the effectiveness of everything that you do.  One recurring question we get from new clients is, do we need HubSpot to have an inbound marketing strategy. The simple answer is no you don’t – however – the added value you get from HubSpot and the tools you get through them will exponentially help you reach customers and monitor performance. Obviously as a business owner you try to save wherever you can. HubSpot is not something you should skimp out on for your inbound marketing strategy. This blog will break down the different aspects of HubSpot and how they add value to your inbound marketing strategy.

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So you have blogs as a part of your inbound marketing strategy, now what? Well if you didn’t have HubSpot, you could sit on your computer all day and wait for someone to comment and hope to engage with them, build a relationship and try to sell them. With HubSpot, you can see who in your contacts has viewed your blogs, if they went to the links in your blog and much more. Being the first part of the purchasing funnel, attraction, blogs are incredibly important to your company. Companies with blogs get 55% more website visitors than companies that don’t, knowing the success of them is crucial.

Social Media

Our social media coordinator was slow to use HubSpot for social monitoring. Sprout Social was his bread and butter. After seeing HubSpot’s capabilities I don’t think he would have it any other way. By adding keywords and competitors you have a whole new way of interacting. Through HubSpot you can monitor all of twitter and see who is talking about your keywords and what your competition is saying. The keywords are monitored not just by your contacts but throughout all of Twitter. Imagine if you are an insurance company and someone tweets about a car accident. This person who you have never interacted with appears on your feed and you can send out a tweet about what you offer. This is huge for lead generation and your inbound marketing strategy.  


We have many clients who use HubSpot for their email marketing. Email marketing as an inbound marketing strategy is really important. It allows you to stay in contact with prospects, clients and others in the industry. Before we started doing email marketing through HubSpot we had a really difficult time tracking everything. Obviously you could put a read-receipt on the email but sometimes that isn’t enough. Our sales team is in love with the HubSpot marketing tool. They can see that their email was received, opened and what in the email they clicked on. Your Gmail doesn’t do that, does it?     We could go on all day about the different aspects of HubSpot that we like – but then we wouldn’t have time to put our inbound marketing strategies to use. If you need help with your inbound marketing strategy or any marketing strategy at all don’t hesitate to give us a call. To set up a consultation or for further information give us a call at 1-516-535-5353 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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