Facebook Instant Articles

What are Facebook Instant Articles?

Everyone loves to share articles on Facebook. It has become a way of life in this internet driven world.  However, no matter how optimized an article may be for mobile access, there will always be some delay and buffering while the content loads fully. Luckily, those days are long gone. Facebook Instant Articles are now here to give you better, faster, hands-on access to mobile content. Below you will find out exactly what they are and what they mean for your business.

Facebook Instant Articles and Your Business

An Overview

Facebook Instant Articles are fast, interactive articles shared by publishers that can be accessed instantaneously and in full just by clicking on them. Since they load in the app rather than through the web, there is no lag from having to stream content through a web browser. This new medium brings stories to life with easy to use features such as auto-play video and interactive maps.

Nowadays, people are using Facebook more than any other outlet to read the news and explore media. Since there is immense pressure for publishers to hastily churn out digestible and unique content daily, the ability for articles to be presented in an innovative, vibrant and reader-friendly layout is widely welcomed.

How they are Different from Standard Mobile Web Articles

Unlike standard mobile web articles that had for so long dominated Facebook, they load directly within the mobile application rather than having to wait for a connection with an external source. Facebook Instant Articles severely outperform the old model. On average, they are shared 30 percent more often and are 20 percent more likely to be read.


For the first time ever, articles and mobile content have been optimized to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing and fiercely completive technological landscape. This new standard provides readers with the chance to personally engage with the subject. You are able to share or comment on specific excerpts from the article rather than addressing the whole piece. Auto-play videos fit effortlessly into the text with the accompaniment of embedded audio voiceover to narrate and bring life to the story.

Readers have the ability to explore incredibly detailed maps and photos with the simple manipulation of the screen of a mobile device. Furthermore, with the addition of an easy-to-use WordPress plug-in, you can simplify the uploading process and improve your general workflow efficiency.

Facebook Instant Articles

The Benefits for Your Business

These articles make monetization and tracking simple. Through the use of Facebook data and third party analytics tools, you can easily measure real-time traffic as well as reader’s interests through tracking cookies. This will help you better understand how your readers engage with your media and, in turn, provide relevant content and advertisements to better suit their interests.

Native ads as articles also drive readership and monetization. Because they resemble typical editorial content, native ads produce a higher click-through-rate than traditional ads. They bolster engagement without distracting the reader’s experience. Instant Articles provide the best outlet for amplifying your brand’s reach and online visibility because they provide readers with a completely immersive media experience that is exclusive to Facebook.

In order to begin your work with this new marketing strategy, follow these few steps.

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