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4 Ways to Know Your Customers Better Than Anyone

If you were given three wishes as a business owner, one better be used on “ways to know your customers better.” There are few things more important than knowing who your customers are; what they need/want, what they like/don’t like, you get the idea. But since there aren’t any genies out there, you need to find other ways to learn what makes your current and potential customers tick. You need to know what drives their customer buying journey.

Know Your Customers Better with These Tips

73% of customers expect the companies they buy from to know and understand their unique needs. As an owner, you must understand what they are and how your products or services can benefit them. Here are a few tips to help you in your quest to know your customers better.

1.     Engage with Social Media

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Social media is ideal for connecting with your customers. There is so much learning potential from clicks, likes, swipes, and replies. You will gain tremendous insight into their buying habits, motivations, wants, and needs. Be sure to post thoughtful things with different tones and take the time to record the interactions and responses to help you build your customer profiles.

Keep your eyes and ears open on all social media platforms. Whether from one of your posts or ads, a direct competitor, or someone with a relatable product, there is plenty to learn from being a diligent fly on the wall.

2.     Survey the Masses

One of the best ways to discover customers’ thoughts is through surveys. You can use platforms such as Google Forms to develop engaging questionnaires. Sometimes, a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer might be all you’re looking for. But to gather more varied or detailed information, it may be helpful to ask open-ended questions, such as:

  • Was the product up to your expectations?
  • Did you like our service today?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service?

3.     Incentivize Customer Feedback

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Rewards are great marketing tools, and they can play a crucial role in showing your appreciation to customers. Everyone enjoys a discount or giveaway, and they can help motivate people to give you a moment of their time and provide you with some valuable information. For example, you can offer a giveaway or coupon code after they complete a testimonial, product review, or questionnaire. As a result, you will entice people to purchase your product or service while also thanking them for their participation.

4.     Put Together a Buyer Persona

What do you do with all the information you gather? For starters, you can apply it to your customer’s buyer persona, a detailed description of your existing or desired clients, like the back of a baseball card. You can start by listing your ideal customer, wants, pain points, etc. As you gain more information from interacting with your clients directly, on social media, or through purchase history, you can continue to update their buyer persona. You are constantly cultivating who and what motivates your customer and your audience.

Knowledge is Power

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Taking the time to know your customers better will go a long way toward creating an engaging, profitable, and successful business. To help ensure that you are asking the right questions and maximizing your returns, seek the professional advice of a marketing agency like Fat Guy Media. Information is valuable, but ensuring your approach doesn’t negatively impact your business is priceless.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and we will help you create the best strategy to find out exactly what your customers are looking for.

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