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Five Myths about Digital Media Marketing

Digital Marketing strategies can be used to clearly measure how much return on investment an organization can expect.  With traditional advertising campaigns, clients get insight on how many people utilize your promotion, but often enough, the data collected is not entirely accurate.  With digital media marketing, you can negate this issue by implementing various strategies to consistently measure the effectiveness of your campaign.  Everything is quantifiable.  It is because of this ability to concretely determine the success of your efforts, that companies are getting more involved with digital media marketing.  The only trouble with this shift in the market is that many corporations don’t fully understand the ins and outs of social media and digital media marketing.  This lack of clarity on the subject matter has created a number of inaccuracies.  Here are 5 Marketing Myths about Digital marketing, Presented by Fat Guy Media.  It’s finally time we dispel them, one bite at a time.

Every Social Media Account Will Generate Millions of Followers and Dozens of Leads!

Paying someone to put together a digital marketing campaign for your business doesn’t always equate to instant stardom.  Fame, in the digital marketing world, does not come easily.  Sometimes, it takes a while for campaigns to get off the ground but luckily, there are ways companies can speed up the process.  The most important thing to take into consideration is that as time progresses, the effectiveness of your campaign increases.  Patience is key.  Keep in mind that the number of likes doesn’t necessarily equate to the number of leads.  Yes, it is important to generate a following in order to extend your reach, but keep in mind that you want to generate quality leads, more than anything else.  A thousand active followers is far better than a million inactive ones.  Quality over quantity.

I Launched My Campaign Last Week, I Should Be on Google’s First Page!

Going back to what was said previously, this type of marketing campaign is sometimes slow to start.  Google, or any other search engine for that matter, doesn’t do a daily comb through of the internet.  As a result, any new content you put up might take as long as two weeks to appear higher within their search pages.  What you can do, to increase the likelihood of raising your search engine result page position, (SERP) is continue to provide valuable content to your audience.

I Need to Be on Every Social Media Platform!

Consider your target audience, consider your geographic location, and consider the type of business you are in.  These are all factors which may influence the different avenues you might decide to invest your time and money in.  When deciding which social media platforms to utilize, or determining whether you want to use landing pages or email campaigns, you must consider your goals and objectives.  You want to be able to use a few platforms well, rather than spreading yourself thin.  If you happen to skimp out on even one platform when launching your campaign, you may tarnish your brand image.  At Fat Guy Media we are all about big portions, so keep your focus on beefing up a few of your efforts. After all, you don’t want to leave your followers feeling hungry for content.

Social Media Hurts More Than It Helps, Due to Disgruntled Customers!

The beauty of social media and online marketing is that every interaction that occurs is visible to the public.  This benefits you as a business because you can now respond and react accordingly.  In the past, you may never have had the chance to rebut a claim made in the public eye but now, you can.  And you should.  Keep in mind, there are always going to be a few people who just don’t like your product, but what you can do as a business, is respond and react in a way that turns negatives into positives.  Offer coupons or discounts to anyone who may aim to destroy your image, and you end up looking like a hero among villains.

Digital Media Marketing is Just a Phase in the Industry!

This could not be further than the truth.  More and more people are interacting with brands on a daily basis through Mobile Applications, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  This is not just a trend in society.  Digital marketing is evolving with technology and for the first time ever, we have hyper targeted marketing research and advertisements that are tailored to specific niche markets.  Never before, have businesses had the power to advertise to their customers in such a personalized way.  It’s time to get involved, or be left in the dust.  Digital media marketing is the way of the future. If you fail to realize that this is the way people are choosing to interact with businesses’, than you will hurt more than your competitors in the long run.  Don’t watch their pockets get fat, make sure Digital media marketing is on your plate. Still Confused?  Please drop us a line, reach out, or just send an email.  Fat Guy Media is here to give you all the tools necessary to launch your online digital marketing campaign today.  Contact us today!

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