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How Popular Brands are Marketing Current Events for Clicks

Today, more people than ever know about popular, current events due to the pervasive, rapid nature of social media. In fact, this has led to brands using pop culture trends and stories to market their products or services. Just take for example these savvy companies that have demonstrated a knack for marketing current events to their audiences.

The Top Examples of Brands Marketing Current Events


Holidays are probably the most common example of brands marketing current events. Whether it’s simply sending everyone well wishes or offering a special promotion, these kind of days present an excellent opportunity to stay top-of-mind with consumers.

Consider this tweet from Michael Kors on the Fourth of July. It’s simple, not too promotional and still taps into the classic Independence Day imagery that audiences know and love.


Sometimes, brands will market current events by joining in the overall conversation surrounding them. From offering commentary to drawing parallels between their brand and the event, companies have learned to contribute in more ways than one.

However, you have to be careful to choose the right one. Far too many times have brands unwittingly stuck their foot in their mouth by injecting themselves where they don’t belong. For a masterclass in marketing current events, check out this fun, humorous tweet from Oreo Cookies celebrating the Mars Rover landing:


In an era of social responsibility, consumers usually respond well to companies that support causes that are important to them. However, marketing with a cause behind it shouldn’t be overly promotional.

In fact, it’s better when brands contribute more than just dollars and cents. Think about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the nation a few summers ago. Not only did it raise money for an important cause, it also brought much-needed awareness to a debilitating disease.


One of the other common ways that brands market current events is through the use of hashtags. For the most part, they allow brands to seamlessly contribute to conversations on social media. However, they can also help companies expand their reach, grow their brand, target a market and get their content found.

Whether you’re adding a little #MondayMotivation or speaking towards a grander conversation, hashtags are one of the easiest, most effective methods for brands marketing current events these days.

Current events can be a tricky thing for brands to capitalize on. However, when executed correctly, it can make a world of difference.

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