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How Email Workflows can Help Automate your Marketing Process

One of the primary goals of most companies’ marketing efforts is the acquisition of strong, qualified leads. However, if prospective customers aren’t ready to buy, these leads may get stuck in your marketing funnel. Therefore, if you’re looking to better nurture them into becoming paying customers, you can use email workflows to automate the process.

What are Email Workflows?

Essentially, email workflows are a series of emails that are automatically sent to users based on their behavior.

The goal is to send the right email to the right person at the appropriate time. This will help ensure that your messages are more relevant, timely and targeted than if you were to send out a mass email to your entire contact list.

email workflows

When are the Best Times to use Email Workflows?

Upon Subscribing

One of the most obvious opportunities to use a workflow is when a new user first subscribes to your blog or mailing list. A warm welcome, a thank you or a quick reminder of the exact benefits that they will get out of this partnership is really all you need to hook someone.

Visits and Clicks

When a user falls into your sales funnel, you will be able to see how they navigate and interact with the content on your site. Therefore, when they are exploring a certain topic, product or service, a workflow will automatically send them an email that pertains to what they’re looking for. This will all but guarantee that your lead is interacting with content most relevant to them.

email workflows

Top-of-the-Funnel Conversions

If a user downloaded your awareness stage content offers, it might be time to start giving them more. Email workflows will notice this and send middle-of-the-funnel content to move them through the buyer’s journey. That way they can evolve from a regular lead to a market-qualified lead and eventually a full-fledged customer.

The Benefits of Using Email Workflows

Better Engagement

By figuring out exactly when and whom to send messages to, email workflows will ensure that your content has higher levels of engagement. These  targeted messages will only go out when it’s appropriate, so you never have to worry about timing. Your emails will only be triggered if the user’s behavior or information warrants it.

email workflows


This one goes without saying, but one of the biggest benefits of email workflows is the time that you’ll save. By expediting your email marketing grunt work, you will be able to spend your time on more pressing matters that can help your business operate.

Email marketing isn’t the simplest process to master, but automated workflows can make it that much easier.

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