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What is a Thank You Page, and why is it Important?

One of the main goals of content marketing is generating leads and nurturing them further into the sales funnel. Thank you pages are a great opportunity to do so. But what is a thank you page, exactly? We’re about to break it down.

What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is a web page to which people are redirected after they’ve taken a certain action on your website, such as downloading a content offer or filling out a consultation form. They’ll often thank the visitor (obviously) for engaging with your brand.

They are different from inline thank you messages, which simply thank people for taking your desired action. Instead of redirecting them to an entirely separate web page, they stay on the landing page.

Here’s an example of a path a lead may take to arrive at a thank you page:

  • They click a PPC ad for a piece of premium content you wrote
  • They arrive at a landing page that contains a form
  • They fill out the form and press “Submit”
  • They’re directed to a thank you page!

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So, we’ve answered the question “what is a thank you page?” Now, it’s time to discuss why thank you pages are better than inline thank you messages.

4 Huge Benefits of Using Thank You Pages


Personalized Experience

Instead of a generic, inline thank you message, using a thank you page allows you to truly show your appreciation.

While we recommend keeping thank you pages short, you have some more room to write a genuine thank you. This provides users with a more personalized, human experience.

Lead Nurturing through more Content

Good thank you pages will entice visitors to stay engaged with your website by offering them additional content.

Link them to relevant blog posts, your social media accounts and other free resources from your thank you page that will further develop the relationship between them and your brand.

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Confirm the Submission was Received

You’ve most likely submitted a form and had no idea if it actually went through. Sometimes, it can be tough to see an inline thank you message.

By redirecting people to a separate page, they’ll know for sure that you’ve received their submission.

Tracking your Results

You can install a Google Analytics tracking code on your thank you page to gain some valuable data about the people who submit your form, such as:

  • Where they came from, whether it was organic search or a paid advertisement
  • The other pages on your website they view afterwards
  • Demographic information

We hope that we’ve sufficiently answered the question “what is a thank you page?” Stay tuned in the future for another blog post detailing thank you page best practices!
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