Gmail Promotions Tab

Make Your Marketing Emails Stand Out with Gmail Promotions Tab

So, you want to market your emails but don’t know where to start. Look no further than the Gmail Promotions Tab within the Gmail website. We will introduce you to this useful addition and explain how to use it.

What is the Gmail Promotions Tab?

Unveiled in 2013, the Gmail Promotions Tab helped to organize a Gmail user’s inbox. It was initially met with some skepticism and underwent many changes, with some elements still changing to this day. Some of the tab’s functions include:

  • Bundled email

    • The ability to add more information to an email preview (images, expiration dates, promotions, etc.)
  • Colored badges on the email preview

    • Green badges for promotions
    • Gray badges for discounts
  • Multiple features

Gmail Promotions Tab

How Will This Benefit My Brand?

By taking advantage of the Gmail Promotions Tab, your brand will reap the benefits of reaching a larger audience and catching the attention of those who may not be focusing on you. The tab gives you, as the promoter, more ability to customize what is presented to your audience.

Mailjet lists two ways to work the promotions tab to your best use. The first deals with editing Google’s script. Using what Google has provided, the marketer can edit to create a preview of their desired email. The second way is through an annotation editor. This is a condensed version of editing code that is simpler for marketers that do not know how to edit code.

Gmail Promotions Tab

The Big Picture

The Gmail Promotions Tab created by Google is an efficient and useful tool to help your brand promote itself when using email marketing. It has many different features that support nearly every kind of brand.

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