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SEO and PPC: What They Are and How They’re Used

Researching marketing campaigns and techniques can be confusing, especially with the amount of acronyms used. SEO and PPC are two of the most commonly used terms within marketing. We will explain what these two concepts mean, and which one could suit your brand the best.

SEO and PPC: What Are They?

Both SEO and PPC are related to the same goal of generating online traffic for your brand. However, they differ in a number of important ways. These differences will help you determine whether you should choose one or the other, or rather a combination of both.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. One word commonly associated with SEO is organic. The results created by SEO come from the use of specific keywords combined with strategies that aim to reach a targeted audience. This creates organic traffic.

On the other hand, PPC is also a highly effective marketing strategy. However, this term stands for pay-per-click. This literally means that your brand pays for each person who clicks on your ad. These paid ads are ranked above organic results on search pages.

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So, Which One Should I Choose?

So, now that you have a basic understanding of SEO and PPC, which one seems like the best choice for your brand? We will list individual reasons supporting each method. There is also the option of using a combination of both strategies.


Why SEO? Sure, it is the free option of the two, but is it effective? Why should I use it to promote my brand?

  • It sets up your brand for long-term organic search traffic.
  • If helps establish your website as a reliable source.
  • It gains value over time.


PPC is slightly different than SEO and may suit your immediate needs more efficiently than SEO. This method may be more effective for brands willing to spend a little money in order to receive higher traffic levels. So, why PPC?

  • It generates fast results.
  • It targets hyper-specific, individualized audiences.
  • It’s good for sites that can’t support SEO.

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Choose the Right Digital Marketing Strategy for You

Overall, SEO and PPC exist as separate entities. They each have their own specific ground to cover when it comes to promoting your business. However, many brands choose to utilize a combination of the two to create the most successful marketing strategy possible.

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