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Promotions On Facebook Can Now Be Created Without 3rd Party Apps

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Facebook Promotions Without The Hassle

On the up and up, Facebook has recently made it easier for companies and brands to hold contests and promotions. In a recent post, Facebook announced that the use of third party services are no longer required for these types of marketing efforts. From this point on, promotions can be managed on brand page timelines and in the Facebook application. What this all means to you is that you can now have consumers enter contests by posting on your brand’s page, or liking/commenting on page posts. Users can also enter contests by messaging the page, or using page likes as a type of voting poll. Facebook has definitely eased up on the their promotion requirements, too. The company has previously restricted you from tagging or encouraging people to tag themselves in content that they are not actually featured in. However, you can ask for the submission of names for a new product in exchange for a chance to win some type of prize. Now for the stickler of these guidelines–Facebook says it’s not okay to ask people to tag themselves in pictures of a new product or item in enhance their chance to win a prize. Promotions can still be utilized on personal timelines as well. I can see these rules and guidelines becoming very confusing to users. If you find yourself confused, you can read the specifics in the updated promotions section of Facebook’s Page Terms, or download Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines. With all that said, this new capability will make it even easier for companies and businesses to build awareness for their products, or promote their services and business as a whole. What makes it even better is that now it can be done without the use of a third party app.   -Fat Guy Media Team

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