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3 Basic Keys to Managing Social Media for Your Company

Think you have mastered managing social media? Do you know how to leverage social media in order to create relationships and build your business? If you do, your company will reap the benefits. But, get it wrong and you might be just another account on the internet. Understanding the three basic keys to Managing Social Media for your company should give you a good foundation to build your mastery of social media marketing on.

1. Social Media is not all about you.

We all want to preach about how awesome we are but we can’t. You cannot make your tweets, Facebook posts, and other posts about you all the time. As interesting as you may think you are, it’s not what people want. Talk to people and interact in industry topics with them. That is what they look for. From time to time throw in as I call it “a salesy post,” highlight one of your services and move on. You will gain more followers and recognition becoming a sought after leader in your industry vs. blatant self-promotion.

2. Careful who you let handle your social networks.

Pay strict attention of what is being posted on behalf of your company. Not knowing what’s being posted could lead to many problems. Many times in the world of social media people have posted the wrong things at the wrong time. For example Marc Jacobs’ Twitter account turned into a rant about the CEO. During this time the company had been looking for a replacement for the person who handled their Twitter account. In the meantime they had an intern temporarily manage it until a full-time replacement was found. The intern went on to say how the CEO was a tyrant and that the job was to stressful. Shortly after they were tweeted they had been taken down and I’m pretty sure he is no longer an intern. I would suggest working with whoever handles your social networks and creating some type of content schedule. This way you have a good idea and basis as to what is being posted across your networks. Plus, it might help prevent you from walking in one day to a code red social catastrophe.  

3. Find your social groove.

Just like dancing, you have to find your rhythm. Although the first steps can be very overwhelming you have to look past that. Nobody ever said developing a social media strategy or managing social media would be easy. Use a network you enjoy and be patient. Very few hit internet fame overnight. Not every social network will be right for you. Don’t spread yourself thin. It’s about trial and error when it comes to finding the right networks. The beauty of social networks is that most of the big ones if not all, are free. Stay open minded and don’t be scared of social media. It is the new way of communicating and enjoying content.

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