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How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan for the New Year

Well, 2022 is almost upon us. With as up and down as the last year has been, it’s important to kick off the new calendar year with a rock solid new digital marketing plan. But, how do you start and where do you go from there? Read along to learn more about how to create this all-essential tool.

Coming Up with a New Digital Marketing Plan for the New Year

Review the Past Year

One of the first parts of creating a digital marketing plan for the new year is reviewing all the data from the past year. This task will help you figure out how your metrics stack up against your initial goals. That way, you can set a good baseline for your goals in the next year. Otherwise, they might end up being too low or too high.

Person analyzing dataSet Goals

Once you have a standard in which to set your goals for the next year, you can then start to figure out what they actually are. Think deeply about what you need to get done in the next year.

Whether it’s awareness, sales or some other essential objective, this is what you will base your digital marketing plan and efforts on in the new year.

Nail Down a Budget

With your digital marketing plan already in motion, you next must determine how much you’re willing to spend on your efforts. From Facebook to Google and everywhere in between, there are many ways to advertise digitally.

It’s just about what’s best for your interests. If you’re looking to drive followers to social media accounts, perhaps the Facebook and Instagram network could work. If you’re looking for a mainly B2B or professional audience, try LinkedIn. The opportunities are endless!

Data sets and goals for New YearCreate a Calendar

A solid digital marketing plan for the new year isn’t complete without a comprehensive editorial calendar. From social media and blogs to emails and advertising, this calendar should map out all your year’s potential marketing efforts. This will help you stay on track towards achieving your goals for the year.

As we head into the new year, there’s never been a better time to reset and refresh your marketing plan. For any and all marketing, advertising and/or web design help you may need, consult our expert team at Fat Guy Media.

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