Top Marketing Automation Workflows to Get Better Results

A workflow is a series of steps taken to complete a task, and businesses are full of them. For marketing automation, these workflows deal with the customer journey and the various touchpoints where they experience automated interactions.

Marketing automation workflows allow your business to advance leads along your sales funnel in a way that’s both systemic and effective while saving you time, effort, and money.

Every marketing automation workflow has a unique trigger, which is a customer action that will launch the marketing automation process.

Top 4 Marketing Automation Workflows

1.      Onboarding/Welcome

Triggered by a user signing up on your website or app, the welcome marketing automation workflow usually involves an email or short series of related marketing emails. Users expect to receive an email when they sign up to let them know that their registration was successful.

Welcome emails should generally contain account information and a positive message of thanks. Your product might have an onboarding process, in which case, this is a great place to start to ease the customer in. You might even consider a welcome voucher or discount that the customer can use to show them you’re grateful that they signed up and to entice them to spend on your business.

2.      Re-engagement/Reminders

A re-engagement workflow should be triggered by inactivity for a specified period. Re-engagement campaigns look to remind your contacts about why they chose your brand in the first place, and to reinforce the unique value that you offer them.

This type of marketing automation workflow is different for every business. The nature of your business and what it offers dictates how often users will visit your site or need to repurchase.

3.      Feedback

Feedback marketing automation workflows can be triggered by customers completing a conversation with customer support or purchasing a product. Feedback helps you to understand what your customers expect from your business and what you can do to improve the customer journey. It also helps you to understand what you’re doing right so that you can make sure that you do more of it.

4.      Upsell Workflow

The upsell workflow is when a user has purchased something that can be complemented by another product or service that you offer. Like offering fries with a burger, you can entice your customers to purchase more by suggesting products that go well together. This can be based on your judgment, general knowledge/common practice, or evidence that other users frequently purchase those items together.

Hire an Expert

Marketing automation workflows are a great way to increase your customer satisfaction, loyalty, and the number and frequency of purchases.

Fat Guy Media has the experience and skills needed to help you achieve your company’s full-on and offline marketing potential. Don’t worry if it feels like a lot of information, because we can guide you through every step of choosing and implementing the right marketing automation workflows for your business.

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