promoting on social media

Promoting on Social Media: Share the Benefits

Like a nervous groom, many companies have cold feet when it comes to immersing themselves in social media. However, like marriage, the benefits of promoting on social media far outweigh the costs.

The advantages of promoting on social media

Just 22 percent of small businesses don’t attract new customers by promoting on social media. Can your business afford to be part of this minority at a time when social media influences the buying behavior of 78 percent of online Americans?

It pays to be social

Companies both big and small have learned that they can drive home their message on social media as often as they like. Whether your business chooses Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, our benefits breakdown details what can be gained by getting involved with promoting on social media.

promoting on social media

Brand recognition and loyalty

We think promoting with social media can’t be missed, because the visibility it presents businesses with is invaluable. Brand recognition is the byproduct of social media’s repeated customer exposure. With every post or tweet, more and more people gain an awareness of your brand that may pay off down the road. After gaining recognition, social media can be a great avenue to earn the brand loyalty of customers. According to one study, 53 percent of Americans who follow brands on social media have more loyalty to those companies.


Since everybody and their grandmother is on social media today, a factor in search engine ranking is the consistent use of social media pages. Your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) may rise or fall on the strength of your company’s social media offerings. With enhanced SEO, your company can gain a greater share of relevant search engine traffic.

Inbound traffic

Inbound marketing without social media is like a hamburger without a bun. They complement each other perfectly to create a grander experience. By providing real-time updates of new content, inbound with social creates a more filling experience.

Conversion rate

By adding a human element, social media marketing has higher conversion rates. It’s an age-old truth that people like doing business with people they know. By allowing customers to get to know your company, it will be easier to close business. One study found 100 percent greater conversation rates for social media over outbound marketing.

Visitor insights

With social media metrics, you can gain a window into the demographics, the likes and the dislikes of your audience. Social media’s treasure trove of visitor insights can then shape the direction of any promotion.

Customer service experience

The ability to field questions, complaints or pats on the back from customers quickly and easily is yet another benefit to promoting on social media. Since almost any contact from a customer is good news, it’s best to enable every possible avenue of communication. Optimizing customer service with social media can win over undecided customers and attract new ones. Since social media marketing is easy and cost-effective, the only question unanswered here is why is your company not promoting on social media?

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