Best Social Media Platforms for A Business to Launch a Campaign on – For Quickest Results

It can never be touted enough how social media campaigns have become such an integral part of today’s marketing strategies. Over the last few years, social platforms have grown immensely in their share of e-commerce control and integration in our daily lives. With varying demographics on every site, it is necessary to focus on the best social media platforms for business and where your target market is spending most of its digital time.

While it is well known that a carefully crafted social strategy can jet a brand into stardom, an essential key is often overlooked: doing the proper research on your consumer base’s preferred social network. With that knowledge, not only will your money go further, but you will spend less time hunting for your market because they’ll already be at your fingertips.

Best Social Media Platforms for A Business to Launch a Campaign On

1.      Facebook

One of the largest and most popular platforms for social media advertising is Facebook. It’s so competitive it even competes with Google’s PPC in terms of success. The audience tends to skew older, and thanks to the swath of available user data, it’s easy to set up a campaign with very specific demographic targeting.

If users visiting your website have a Facebook account, you can set up a button to prompt them to return through an ad in their feed. You can even reach previous customers who may not be on your email subscriber list. On top of the many benefits of advertising through the site, Facebook also happens to be one of the cheaper alternatives when it comes to ad campaigns.

2.      Instagram

While Instagram as a platform technically falls under the umbrella of Facebook (or Meta, as you might have heard), the user base differs enough to consider it a new ball game. You will need unique research and varied marketing methods to successfully tackle an Instagram campaign. Consumers can be very choosy when connecting with brands through the platform, but at the same time tend to be more loyal to those they follow.

If your brand is targeting millennials ages 25-40, you will find a healthy customer base through the app. Over two-thirds of Instagram’s entire user base is under 34, according to recent statistics. Generally speaking, this makes it a very attractive platform for marketing in the long term and may be worth the extra investment.

3.      Twitter

Marketing through a platform like Twitter is unique in its own way. The main goal is to generate conversations that feel organic and center around your brand. It is the fifth most popular social media website, and one with plenty of cross-platform users.

Over half of all Twitter users are male, and about a quarter of US adults use the platform regularly. This makes it huge for any campaigns targeting men and shouldn’t be overlooked. Much like Instagram, the vast majority of Twitter’s users are between 24-35, and there are more teens on the site than on Facebook or Reddit.

One of the best methods to really benefit from Twitter is by directly responding to consumer needs and inquiries. Not only does this make individuals feel a stronger sense of personal connection with a brand, but it also drives interest and customer retention.

4.      LinkedIn

Known as the best overall platform for B2B marketing and targeting more business-savvy consumers, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect your brand with professionals. Not only can you use the site to reach customers, but potential business partners as well.

Through LinkedIn, your brand can engage in industry discussions, and this can help a brand come out as an authority in its field. Campaigns are centered around specific goals and business objectives. With distinct features like the ability to promote articles to a target demographic, it’s a great resource for raising awareness. The entire advertising model of the platform goes above and beyond all the way to conversion.

How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Brand?

Understanding the online habits of your target market is truly the secret sauce to success through a social media campaign. It is essential to do the research necessary to be sure your advertising budget is well spent and not wasted effort.

If your business needs help navigating the best social platforms to utilize, Fat Guy Media has the tools you need to help your brand thrive!

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