If I Offer Instagram Shopping, Do I Need A Website?

A plethora of small businesses are popping up all over our social timelines. Skincare products, jewelry, clothes, wall art, and countless products created by talented people are now being sold by users we used to peruse through solely for aesthetic pleasure. Instagram shopping is likely to keep growing in popularity, so does this mean small businesses no longer need their own website?

What is Instagram Shopping?

The Instagram update that helped spark the era of Instagram shopping is the introduction of multiple photos in a post. Being able to show a collection offered businesses a free outlet to showcase their products.

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When advertisements entered the world of Instagram, some might not have noticed due to the subtle nature of the photos that blended in with their typical newsfeeds. Now, when we open up the app, we can expect a full shopping experience.

Instagram shops can be extremely beneficial for small businesses, but this doesn’t mean that it should be the only online presence they have.

Why You Need a Website

It’s All Yours

Having a website gives you your own space to do with it what you please. If you are only selling your products on Instagram, you are subject to any regulations and updates made by them. If the platform decides to alter the shopping feature, it can negatively impact the way you do business.

In terms of appeal, using web design can make sure you get across the right feel for your brand. Being able to optimize your site as well as choose colors, styles, animations, and so on will help with the following benefit:


With having your own website comes a certain level of credibility. A website shows that you’ve put thought into your brand and confirms that you’re an established business. The more information you provide, the better.

Online shopping is not a new concept, but Instagram shopping is. While this feature is only increasing in popularity, many are still hesitant to give their credit card information to these new shops, weary of scamming behavior.

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Having a well-designed website with a good user flow is extremely important. The goal is to point users down a path to end up at an opportunity for conversion. Instagram stores may not always capture leads as reliably as an optimized website with analytics.

Best of Both Worlds

Instagram shopping is an amazing opportunity for small businesses, having an additional outlet to sell products and get in front of different audiences, so be present on social media! Just make sure you are not neglecting the abilities that having a professional website creates.

When you’re ready to start selling your products or services, get in touch with Fat Guy Media to ensure you have an optimized website that reflects who your business is!

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