Website Development Process

Everything You Need to Know About the Website Development Process

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Your website’s online presence can be a direct correlation to the success of your business. Therefore, a visually appealing and user-friendly site is needed to stand out from your competition. Once you have completed the design planning and content creation processes, it’s time to officially begin the website development process. The steps involved, making sure the site is responsive, mobile-friendly, checking for any issues after launch, can overwhelm and become time-consuming, but following our steps will allow for a smooth process.

Website Development Process

Steps to Follow During the Website Development Process

1.      Design and Development

While you have already done your design research, mood board creation, content drafts, and wireframes, in this stage, you will take all that information and start bringing your work to life. Here you begin the Live Build process and start the production of the website using the prototypes with all the visual elements you’ve gathered, including logos and brand colors. In this step, you’ll see what your website will look like and provide the client with a prototype that gives the end-user feel of the site. The back-end process will also begin, which involves creating, integrating, storing, and security.

2.      Testing

Once you have the website built, the next step in the website development process, testing, ensures there are no broken links and all pages are working correctly no matter what device you’re viewing the site from. Testing will also confirm the proper display of the content, graphics, and other visual aspects. The entire process guarantees that you do away with all the bugs and that everything runs smoothly.

3.      Launch

Finally in the website development process, after confirming that you have uploaded everything, the site is running smoothly, and the result is precisely what it should be, now it’s time to go live. You should also confirm the domain name you are using is registered and all web hosting accounts are set up.

4.      Maintenance

Although the site may be live, you aren’t done just yet. Keeping up with the maintenance is an ongoing process to improve usability and remain up to date. Staying updated increases your credibility, security, site speed, and keeps converting more traffic to your website.

Website Development Process

Call the Experts for Help with Your Website 

The website development process is something that needs to be taken very seriously. At Fat Guy Media, we have a team of experienced web developers who will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your website is successful. Following the above steps will certify you don’t miss anything.

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