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What are Micro Influencers, and What Benefits do they Offer?

In today’s era of pay-for-play social media, brands are going to great lengths to get noticed. In addition to the standard tricks of the trade, some are putting micro influencers on the payroll to spread their marketing message to new audiences.

What are Micro Influencers?

Micro influencers are social media personalities, who have anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 followers, that provide an opportunity for targeted advertising. They tend to have engaged audiences in niche communities, like sports, shopping or fitness.

Micro influencers are people who are thought leaders in a specific subject with a group of loyal followers who have respect for their opinions. For example, they could be a world-class traveler, a local fashionista or a fitness guru who has inside information to share with a target audience.

The social accounts of these personalities are often a destination for those who want to be in the know about a specific subject. A micro influencer’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts are usually extremely active and littered with likes and comments.

These lesser-known influencers are typically used by small businesses who have a limited budget to spend on social media marketing.

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What does this type of Influencer do?

Micro influencers promote products or services through soft selling tactics that align with inbound marketing. For example, a local fashionista might post a picture of her wearing a new bathing suit in a tropical location along with a coupon code to purchase the item.

On social media networks like Instagram, these personalities use the power of storytelling to promote products or services. Rather than simply posting a sales graphic, they might post an action shot and funny caption that is worth sharing with friends.

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3 Benefits of Micro Influencers

Access to Niche Markets

These days, brands are hiring micro influencers to tap into their large social media followings in small, specific markets. Rather than trying to build a community of followers, companies are leveraging the experience and expertise of those who are experts in the field. Through these types of partnerships, brands have been able to gain access to even the most exclusive niche markets.

High Engagement Rates

One of the more attractive features about these small market influencers is that they already have social accounts with high levels of engagement. They tend to have loyal followings who interact with their social media content on a regular basis.

By partnering with one, you are all but guaranteed of getting noticed. And, since followers generally trust influencers’ opinions, you may also enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Affordable Price

No one has to tell you that advertising, even on social media, is expensive. As a result, small businesses are choosing creative alternatives to promote products or services. In recent years, micro influencers have become a popular strategy, because they can provide results at a lower price.

In many ways, micro influencers are a perfect fit for a small to medium-sized business’ social media marketing strategy. These everyday people are more accessible and relatable than a typical celebrity. Yet, they still have the potential to deliver a high return on investment.

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