Valentine’s Day Advertising

Valentine’s Day Advertising Highlights throughout the Years

As we prepare for the most romantic holiday of all, brands churn out ads aimed directly at our heartstrings. Although, since consumers spent $18.2 billion on it in 2017, it’s no surprise that companies are getting so involved. However, some naturally do it much better than others. Just consider these three classic Valentine’s Day advertising campaigns.

The Best Valentine’s Day Advertising Campaigns of All-Time

Idris Elba Gets Dating Advice from Kids

You wouldn’t think that Idris Elba, famous for playing tough guys like The Wire’s Stringer Bell or Luther’s John Luther, would star in a heartfelt Valentine’s Day advertising campaign, but he did. Teaming up with the global charity organization Omaze, Idris Elba raffled off a Valentine’s Day date with him to donors.

In order to promote the raffle, Omaze produced a video where kids gave dating tips to Elba. What ensued was a cute, fun (and hilarious) video for a good cause. In it, one girl sheepishly admits to having 25 boyfriends, while another boy confesses to wanting to date Ariana Grande.

From guidance on dancing to funny faces, this spot has it all. If not for the charity, it’s worth it for the dating advice alone!

Deadpool’s Romantic Bait-and-Switch

If anyone has seen “Deadpool,” they know it’s not exactly regarded for being family-friendly or lovey-dovey. Instead, this hyper-violent comic book thriller is, to say the least, the exact opposite. Yet, if the only thing you know about it is from their Valentine’s Day advertising campaign, you may have a different idea.

In anticipation of its February 12 release date, “Deadpool’s” marketing team created a series of satirical posters. These advertisements repositioned the movie as a lighthearted romantic-comedy, a far-cry from its actual subject matter.

However, “Deadpool” has used tongue-in-cheek marketing to promote its wise-cracking, foul-mouthed “super” hero before. The film also shot a clever series of ads that coincided with the premier of The Bachelor.

Google’s Parisian Love

For a masterclass in emotional marketing, look no further than Google. While it wasn’t exactly from a Valentine’s Day advertising campaign, this Google commercial is everything you want in an ad about love. That’s what Valentine’s Day is about after all, isn’t it?

Using the power of visual storytelling, this advertisement hits all of the emotional high notes. These days, companies are finding it difficult to evoke emotions, especially compassion, from consumers. However, this ad goes above and beyond evoking the true meaning of Valentine’s Day advertising.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day advertisements, these three spots reign supreme.

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