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2016 Marketing Trends: What to Expect in the New Year

As we begin the year anew, we’d like to take a fresh look at emerging marketing trends for 2016. With more Americans flocking online every day, digital marketing is now a go-to business resource of the future. For digital marketing — already one of the fastest growing categories of marketing — this year might be its biggest year yet.

Mobile Friendly Web Design Dominatesmarketing trends

Because nothing turns off a potential customer like a slow-loading, unresponsive website, a key marketing trend for 2016 is more mobile friendly business websites.

Since 80 percent of Internet users also own a smart phone, it’s crucial for businesses to cater to this growing audience while they are away from their desktops.

A responsive website adjusts to fit the width of any browser to create an optimal viewing experience. By upgrading to mobile friendly web design, you can provide a seamless user experience on any device. As the mobile market expands in 2016, it’s past time your business takes advantage of this opportunity.

If you haven’t already, check out our web design trends for 2016.

Social Media Marketing Trends

If you haven’t heard about native advertising yet, you will likely hear about it often in 2016.

Native advertising — which is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears — is expected to double worldwide over the next three years.

Native advertising appears on many social media platforms already, including Facebook and Twitter. On these platforms, social media marketing will continue to appeal to businesses in 2016, because it offers a high-level of audience engagement.

In addition, several social media apps are expected to be transformed into marketing powerhouses in the New Year.

Recently, businesses have taken note of the promotional potential of apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Periscope. With social media marketing on these platforms, businesses can reach a large, young, captive audience. Marketing trends for 2016 indicate businesses will invest more time and money on social media marketing than the previous year.

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Last year, HubSpot proclaimed 2015 ‘the year of video marketing.’ And, 2016 already promises to outdo the year before.

Today, there’s so many more options for broadcasting videos than just YouTube. With apps like Periscope and Instagram reinventing how video is created and shared, marketers have found a new favorite, promotional medium.

As video outlets increase, the traffic continues to spike as well. Today, 78 percent of people watch videos online every week. Since videos leave a lasting impression, cornering this audience should be a top priority for businesses in the New Year.


Blogging, which has been around for more than 20 years, remains a key component of all digital marketing efforts. With more blogs today offering valuable content than ever before, blog readership has drastically increased. With everyone from sports teams to accounting firms adopting this marketing strategy, blogging is expected to grow in more ways than one.

Our 2016 marketing trends outlook includes an increased emphasis on long-form blog content in digital marketing. These pieces of 1,000 to 2,000 words or more are better for both user engagement and search engine optimization.

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